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I am so happy to have found this forum. I have a Zenith 27 inch TV that has started having a horizontal line across the screen. I can tap the top of the TV case and the picture will spread out. Initially a simple tap would work, but now it takes a severe beating to get it to spread. The repair shop quoted @ $100.00. I hope someone can offer a suggestion for repairing this that will cost less. Any help you can offer will be appreciated.
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Good Afternoon, lgtripletdad:
You better circle the phone number of the shop that quoted $100. He's a rare find these days.

99% of the time, this failure is caused by a poor solder connection on the circuit board and will be located in or around the vertical oscillator/vertical output stage of the TV. Your pounding on the set causes enough vibration that the circuit connects briefly. When the set warms up, the circuit boards flex a little and the connection is lost again.

If you are adept at working on the set and if you aren't queasy about getting into the electronics to do your own repair, come back and I will give you further guidance. If you have reservations about working on the set then the $100 figure is a good price since it is only about 30% of the replacement cost of the TV.


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