Toshiba CF30E50 Only Displays one line

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I've got a 35" Toshiba TV that is working fine in all respects except that the picture is only one line wide in the middle of the screen (Horizontal).

The line changes colors, so I think the gun is just going back and forth....

My thinking is the flyback transformer has gone on it, can anyone confirm this?

No amount of "Thumping" can cure it (as reported to me).

Also, if anyone know the replacement part numbers, has a schematic, or can pint out where to look, it would be much appreciated....
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Good Afternoon, Wrabbot:

No, it's not the flyback transformer (if it has one). The old flyback transformers were to provide high voltage and when they died, you had no picture at all.

Your condition is vertical collapse and is a failure, normally, of the vertical oscillator or vertical driver circuit. In extremely rare cases, it could also be a deflection yoke failure but I seriously doubt this is the problem.

Another possibility which seems to be showing up more and more: a bad solder connecton on the vertical driver circuit board. To verify that, you need to remove the back of the set and do a little poking and prodding around the circuit board with a non-metallic wand (plastic or wood) with the set on. If you find a sensitive spot where the picture returns to normal, then your fix is just a little 60-40 electronic solder with a low heat soldering iron.

If you do any investigations like this, I recommend you turn the brightness down. It's too easy to cook the phospher on the picture tube. Keep the line dim on the screen to prevent this.

Finding prints and schematics on the unit shouldn't be too difficult. You might check the old standby, Sams Photofacts, at
or another place is Union Electronics at



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