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I have a KV32TS35 Sony TV.
The picture will fade from color to Black and White then back to color again. It does this sporatically. It will sometimes stay all black with horizontial lines going through the picture. When it first started to have this problem I was able to bring the color settings up and it would be fine. I would turn it off and on and the picture would come back.
I suspect the tuner card might be at fault.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Good evening, manor631:

I concur with your analysis. I've seen this one before. There are a set of signal diodes that are used to differentiate frequency drift of the tuner oscillator(s). When you tune to a specific channel, the circuit stabilizes the oscillator so that it centers on the channel frequency. The one I encountered had a bad solder connection that negated this stabilizing circuit and allowed the tuner to drift.

I would imagine the problem gets worse as the channel is shifted to the higher end of the spectrum. When the channel drifts off frequency, you lose color burst signal and the picture goes to black and white. The lines are also a by-product of tuner drift.

If you have the set repaired (and I assume you have this in your mind), express a desire to check the circuit for a bad solder connection rather than replacement. This will save a multitude of dollars because the replacement is very costly.



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