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Smile Green Screen

I have a Zenith 25 in console tv with built in stereo speakers. It's a pretty cool TV,
but unfortunately the screen is always a green shade. (Iim not sure hold old it is, but I
would say about 10 years) Is there anything I can try so maybe I won't have to take it in,
it weighs a ton (or so it seems).

Thanks for any help.

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Good Morning and Merry Christmas, diamondgirl:

Luckily, this is not a crisis situation and the the set is adjustable for the particular "green shade". It's a little thing we call "color balance". The picture tube has three guns to produce equal amounts of red, blue, and green which, when adjusted properly, produce black. If one of the guns is running a little strong, it will be predominant. In your case, it is the green gun.

The fix is to adjust the green gun downward a little bit so that it balances with the red and blue. To do this, you have to remove the back from the set.

It is helpful to have a large mirror in front of the TV because you will be making the adjustment from the rear of the set. The mirror will allow you to see the picture as you "tweek" the controls. With the back off, with the set on, watch the picture using the mirror.

Zenith usually puts the adjustment controls directly under the neck of the picture tube or it may be on the picture tube neck (depending on the age of the unit). You will see a small thumb-wheel control that is green in color. You can adjust the control with your finger or use a small screwdriver (your choice).

Turn the color OFF on the picture using the set's controls. Adjust the GREEN control counter-clockwise slightly to make the picture a good BLACK AND WHITE. There are similar controls for red and blue. If you desire, you may adjust them, also, until the desired BLACK AND WHITE picture is attained.

Once the adjustment is made, simply turn off the set, put the back on the set (BE CAREFUL AND DON'T BUMP THE NECK OF THE PICTURE TUBE......IT IS FRAGILE), and go back to watching the set with decent color.

A good site for such problems can be found at
Check paragraph 25.4


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