noisy on/off volume control

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Question noisy on/off volume control

I am hoping that someone can advise me on what can be done to repair a noisy on/off volume control . One is on a radio/receiver that has an on/off volume control knob that is noisy when turned on. The other is on a radio with a sliding volume control which is noisy. I am wondering if there is an adjustment that can be made to get rid of the noise, or an electronics spray cleaner that can be used. By "noisy" i mean an irritating static sounding noise. Thank you for your assisstance.
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Cool Cleaner

Go to Radio Shack, ask for Brand:
Tech Spray Cat.#: 910-0010 Model: 1622-10S
Reg. Price $6.77


Gently remove the bottom/top of the unit. The "Pots" or volume ctrls. are usually accessed from the bottom but gain access to the volume control. The spray comes with a small hose. Look on the pot, usually there will be a gap right where the wires attach to the switch. Gently place the hose at that opening and give it a good 1 or 2 second blast. Reach down and give the knob a full turn all the way up then down a few times. Give another quick blast of cleaner and turn the knob again, you might as well clean any other pots in the area while youre here. Put the top/bottom or "Can" back on the unit. This gives it time to dry, plug it in and no more noise. BUT, if the switch has an abnormal amount of play or otherwise damaged this of course may not fix it. For the slider one, just give it a squirt of cleaner right in the slider, no need to disassemble the unit. Slide the knob back and forth a few times. Keep in mind that this cleaner can and will most likely damage clear plastic covers etc. so to try to keep it off the unit¡¦s finish. If this doesn't do it then there could be bad components, solder joints etc.

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