NEC TV Sound Not Working When Cable's Hooked Up

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Question NEC TV Sound Not Working When Cable's Hooked Up

We just moved in our new apartment. For some reason the sound will not work when I hooked up our cable. The sound works when the cable isn't in, however there is only "snow" on the screen. We've tried running it through a VCR and it still doesn't work. This TV worked fine before we moved and there was NO jostling during the move...I carried it myself. Oh, one more thing, the sound DID work (barely) when we put a video into the VCR..but it was barely audible. This is baffling us and if someone can help, we'd appreciate's getting boring watching a silent screen!
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Model and serial #

So sorry. The model # is CT-2660A
Serial # is 81125270
It was manufactured in February 1987
Thanks if you can help.
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Good Afternoon, Porkchop:

Take a 15 year old television set that has been sitting in one spot all those years, move it, bounce it around in the back of a truck, and problems are bound to occur.

More than likely, a circuit board has worked loose, a connection has worked loose, or a bad solder joint has shown up from the ordeal. I wouldn't blame it so much on a component failure as much as I would think something has come loose. For this, I would take the back off and run a visual inspection, do a little poking and prodding around with a non-metallic wand, and see if the "sensitive spot" can be ascertained. It may need nothing more than a reseating of components, a drop of 60-40 electronic solder, etc. Hard to say without actual troubleshooting.

Here's a website you can refer to when troubleshooting your TV that is very good for basic information:

But, Smokey does not recommend spending a lot of time and money on a 15 year old TV set. You have a new apartment. How about a new TV to match the decor?


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