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Red face Television repairs

My Zenith TV would not show picture. Instead, there is a single line across the screen. The sound and everything else is fine. After a couple of phone calls, I understand, the circuitry is messed up.

What and where is circuitry in a Zenith TV ?? I want to fix this problem myself. I have basic knowledge of physics and electricity in particular.
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Do not run the set in this condition unless you turn the brightness all the way down. The high intensity of the line on the screen will burn the phospher on the picture tube.
You have a condition known as "vertical collapse". The cause of the failure would, therefore, be in and around the vertical driver circuit. The cause of the failure may be any of the following:
a) bad solder connection on the circuit board
b) failure of the vertical oscillator circuit
c) failure of the vertical driver circuit
d) failure of the vertical windings in the deflection yoke.

A good site to keep in your Favorites files is:

Since you did not give me a model number or year of manufacture on the TV, this is about all I can do for you at this sitting.

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I am having the same Zenith woes! My Zenith has 'vertical collapsed' as well today (2/20/2002). It was working fine just a few hours ago. I see that the 'moderator' suggested some remedies....but I have no experience in electronic components and such...should I attempt to 'do-it-myself'??
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Good Afternoon, Mozzer:

Please always start a new thread on these issues. It is too easy to lose continuity on a repair.

As for your question, chasing a case of Vertical collapse is not for the novice and is best left to the technicians.

Again, I have no model number or age of your set to identify with and make recommendations.

Call around to your local repair sites and get a ball-park estimate on the repairs for your TV. Then, think about the quality of the picture. Was it good or deteriorating?

Repairs going to cost you $250? Well, a brand new set can be had for about that price.

If you decide to go for the new set, think SONY, Sharp, or Mitsubishi. Zenith's motto these days is "The Name Goes On
Before The Quality Goes In."


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