magnavox projection #RH8520AK08

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magnavox projection #RH8520AK08

while watching tv. picture goes off, power still stays on t.v., but if you hit power button on again t.v. goes back on but lights on botttom of screen state "battery failure" , any help would be appreciated
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Good evening, CHEWY:

Checking the archieves on your model, I found this one:
Magnavox RH8520 Ak07 projection TV has no picture. It has a horizontal bar about 2 inches high across the center of the screen. It is predominantly blue. The "on/off" switch will turn the TV "on" but not "off". It has to be unplugged to turn "off". There is no audio. The two IC's on the Horizontal Oscillator Board are an SN94366n and a KY8630. I suspect one or both of these may be defective. Where can I get these two IC's?
Phillips/Magnavox Greenville Tennessee. BTW, how is the fluid? Congealed yet?

Now, you may find this funny! But, history tells us there is a problem with the cooling fluid between the lens of the projection tubes and the face of the projection tubes. It has a tendency to congeal because of a bad batch of fluid.

Replacement fluid is located at

With the array of failure circuits in your TV, you are getting a message that a problem exists. It may not be batteries! The set is protecting itself.

Call the technician and have it checked out. And, tell us if your cooling fluid has congealed.


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