Toshiba big screen problem

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Toshiba big screen problem

I have a Toshiba 61HX70 television that has had a fault since I purchased it over 6 months ago. When watching any video source (has happened on several), the screen will loose picture for several seconds and then come right back on. The set looses it's clock settings as a result of this fault. I originally thought it was a feed power dip, because if you turn off the power to the TV it will simulate the same event (will turn itself back on and loose clock settings). We have noticed that the power indicator light has stayed lit through several of these episodes. It has happened approximately 20 times in the past 6 months.

I live in a small town with one factory service center. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to mess with the problem because there is no money in correcting it (and he doesn't understand what is happening). To add insult to injury, I cannot call Toshiba technical support because I am a consumer. I am worried that the warranty is going to lapse prior to my correcting the problem.

Any ideas on how I can further self diganose and correct? Is there any possiblity it could be power supply? Internal arcing?
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No, the problem is with the eprom and it is fixable. Contact the Consumer folks at Toshiba at

Toshiba America Consumer Products Inc.
82 Totowa Rd.
Wayne, NJ 07470
Phone: (800)345-9785
Company Description/Services: For parts see: Fox International Ltd., Inc.(Texas and Ohio) Howard Electronics/Fox International Pacific Coast Parts Dist. Andrews Electronics GMD Sales/Fox International C & S Electronic Supply/Fox International Diversfield Parts Herman Electronics

You can find this information on a very useful website at

By all means enforce your warranty. If you do not get satisfaction, please let us know.

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Thanks Smokey!


Thank you very much for your response. The phone number will be really helpful if I can speak to someone who is knowledgeable. I recently got another tip on a Toshiba TSB (TV0103) which installs a capacitor between the reset circut and the PCB terminals. This sounds very similar to what is happening (like a reset, right?) but I was wondering about the EPROM myself. I guess if the TV resets itself it might zero the clock as well.

The biggest problem that I have is getting someone to fix it. I have lost confidence in the local guy and I doubt that another technition will want to drive two hours (somewhat isolated) for this job. All Toshiba can seem to do is point out another technition.

What do you think about the reset TSB?
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Before we discuss this, let's see what Toshiba is prepared to do.
If you local guy is a dud, let's see if they don't send someone from another site.

Where are you located, incidentally?

Putting that information on your log-in data is not harmful. I can live with "upstate New York" or "beneath an alligator in Florida"
or even "a gay community in California".

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Sounds reasonable to me. I live in West Virginia.
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My .02/ Have a Toshiba, and found that the customer service group, located in Tennessee I believe were very friendly but didn't have much authority. I managed to wrangle the name and phone number of a supervisor through the number in Wayne NJ who was quick to help. So hang in there. I got a new TV and its been fine ever since. First one had a bad convergence board, probably bad solder joints, but no one locally knew what they were doing.
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Angry Toshiba Support Stinks

I called the number that Smokey suggested, it gives me three options:

1. Consumer - call customer service (no help).
2. Unauthorized Service Center - use fax to communicate.
3. Autorized Service Center - enter code.

4. Don't key in any number - call customer service (no help).

I don't think I will ever purchase a Toshiba again. Customer service is not very important to them. I am going to try to get an out of town servicer to work on the set. I am really trying to understand the problem prior to that visit because my faith in their ability is very poor right now. I suspect that is another Toshiba fault (maybe training, incentive to repair, etc.).

Sorry to vent - how frustrating can you get!
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This is about what I expected from Toshiba. The web is full of horror stories about their Customer Service.

One last chance: Try this website:

I found a list of their authorized service centers in your area:
Topp's Electronic Services, Inc.
Route 3, Box 118
Bluefield, WV 24701
(304) 589-6489

Micro-Tech Repair
Route 4, Box 117
Clarksburg, WV 26301
(304) 624-7734

Jerome Wooster
1401 Charles Avenue
Dunbar, WV 25064
(740) 574-2113

Pro Tv & Audio, Inc.
1066 Harrison Ave.
Elkins, WV 26241
(304) 636-7555

York's Tri-State Tv & Appliance
319 Bridge Street
Huntington, WV 25702
(304) 529-7535

Ross Tech Electronics
Rt. 44 Pine Creek Road
Omar, WV 25638
(304) 946-6203

Paul's Tv Service
825 7Th Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101
(304) 422-7724


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