pansonic 32" superflat going off and on

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pansonic 32" superflat going off and on

i have a 32" panasonic superflat that is about 6-8 years old. i think? anyway lately the unit when cold is turned on after 5 or 10 min. the picture goes off. it looks like the high voltage is shuting down,(its hard for me to tell whether the horizontal oscilator is actually shutting down or not my hearing is a little marginal in the high frequeny range and i have not yet tried to measure it ,with a high voltage probe of course ) then after a few min. it comes back on. this will go on for hours. off-on-off-on etc. after about 12 or so hours of continuous use however it clears up and works fine. so in other words as long as i don't ever turn it off it works normally. i pulled the back off suspecting a cap to be going bad but using both heat and cold spray i was unable to isolate the component.i also looked for signs of leakage or puffy caps and saw none. i wouldnt think the flyback would be the cause because it clears up after long periods of being on. then every once in a while it will go for a few days without incident but eventually the problem retuns. i was wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any ideas?
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Good Morning, yokie:

First, put this site in your Favorites file for further problems. Lot of good information here:

Second, I would be looking for a bad solder connection or connections in this set. If the picture goes on and off, then it is very possible that a connection is involved. If it is the high voltage that is dying, then a good spot to check is around the HOT
(Horizontal Output Transistor).

That fact that it finally comes on and stays on after 12 hours (that's a LOT of TV watching, yokie!) says that the circuit boards finally get hot enough to flex and make a firm connection.

Panasonics are famous for this problem.


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