Fried Sony Receiver

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Unhappy Fried Sony Receiver

Howdy, all.

I just joined this forum today and have tried to find as much information on similar problems to mine, but probably need some other input. Here's the deal...

I have a 8-9 year old Sony STR-D311 stereo receiver. I know, it's not the best, but 8-9 years ago, it was what I could afford, and it has worked fine...up until last weekend.

I was listening to a pretty heavy rock CD (Injected's "Burn It Black" to be exact) through my "B" speakers, a pair of Polk Audio R-10's. Now, I know that Smokey has commented that rock & roll will kill receivers, but it's just what I dig. Anyway, I had never used th "B" inputs on this receiver until about a month ago, and I had never cranked that channel loud until that morning. All of a sudden, I hear a little "zzzt" and then no sound. I thought maybe the power strip had tripped, but I saw that the CD player was still playing. I opened the door and the top of the receiver was hotter than all get-out, and there was that smell of electronic death, burnt plastic-y, etc. The power switch still worked, kinda. I could power it on and the "loudness" light would come on when the button was pressed, as would the "tape monitor" light when that button was pressed, but no LED display, no LED on the volume knob and no sound what so ever.

I bought a new receiver, but decided to crack the STR-D311 open to see what went wrong. I saw no burn marks or anything on the circuit boards, but noticed a fuse by the power supply. This fuse was blown. So, I'm thinking, well, I'll just go get a new fuse and that will be that.


Put the new fuse in, plugged it in, hit the power switch and FLASH! Fuse fried immediately.

I really don't want to spend a whole lot of time/money into repairing this thing. It's old and isn't even a surround receiver, but I was going to give it to someone who didn't even HAVE a receiver. It's probably not worth messing with, but if anyone has had a similar problem or may know what is going on with this one, I'd like to know.


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Cool Dig a hole...

Several things could have happened. The transformer secondary windings could have burnt thru their insulation. The outputs blew (most likely) or a trace could have burnt thru from heat. In any event when they blow that hard the repair outlook becomes expensive. A fan blowing across the heat sink in the unit would have probably stopped the failure. This new Sony you have will be susceptible to this same thing happening. Sony are known hot runners and needs to have a fan on them especially when they are being ran hard. A small 4 wafer fan like in a computer power supply on a small wall wart (12 volt transformer like on an answering machine) plugged into the switched outlet on the receiver will do wonders! As for the old one, dig a hole and say thank you to the electron gods for 8 good years of service. And using the B set of speakers would make no difference; they all come off the same finals.
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Thanks for the input, Bigmike. I was kinda afraid of that.

And to your suggestion of the fan, I had already given that some thought. I had a 4 1/2" fan here at my office off some sort of piece of equipment, but because of the high RPM's, it's kinda noisy. I'll check out some sort of quieter option. Would those be available at Radio Shack and such?

And, while we're on the subject, you mention having the fan blow across the heat sink. Would it need to blow INTO the entertainment center or blow out of the cabinet to pull out the hot air?

Well, I'll bury the old Sony and try to keep this new one running cool.
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Cool Wall Wart

Hey go to Radio Shack and get a multivolt wall wart. One that goes from like 3 volts to 12 volts at .500 milliamps. Select the 9.5 volt setting and the fan will run nice and quiet. I have so many fans running in my radio room it sounds like I live in the Caribbean

Changed millivolt to milliamp, sorry...

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Unhappy DAMN!

lol....NOW ya tell me!

Went to the Shack and got a 3" 12V fan and a 12V wall wart. It's a tad noisy, and I guess I shoulda gotten the multi-volt adapter, but it's too late to return it...I cut the end off, etc. Oh well, I guess I'll go get the multi-volt this weekend. I considered getting the 2" fan, which ran more quietly, but I was afraid it wouldn't move enough air over the vents.

I currently have the fan blowing across the top. Should I turn it around so it would suck out the hot air? Or is blowing across the top the best thing to relieve the heat? I cranked it for a while last night, and she runs cool thus far.

Think I could put some sort of "dimmer switch" to adjust the voltage? I'm not an electronics whiz, so I dunno if such a thing exists or would work. Just a rotary knob to decrease the RPM's. May be cheaper than the $14 I'll spend on another wall wart.

Oh, well...gotta get back to work.

Thanks for the input.
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Cool Wall Wart 2

Yea just go get another wart, will be a lot cheaper. Blowing across the fins would be best. I open the unit up and put the fan inside the unit if possible blowing across the fins, use string to tie it into place. Just keep the string away from any heat generating source. The glue in tape can become conductive over time and also will give way. The fan will eventually die so with it tied in its easily removed.

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