Samsung 27" model#TXJ2767 screen "streak"

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Question Samsung 27" model#TXJ2767 screen "streak"

I have a 11 month old Samsung 27" tv, model# TXJ2767.

About a month ago I noticed a dark "streak" on my screen that starts about 4" in from the left hand top corner and continues down to about dead center of the screen. At first I thought it was something on the screen itself, so I cleaned it and the darker area is still there. This problem is most noticeable when something white or bright comes on the screen in the area of the "streak".

My tv is under a 4 year warranty and I went down to talk to the salesman, at the Bay(where I never purchase anything again), who sold me the tv. After I explain what's going on with my tv, he tells me he's never heard of the problem I described and suggests I call a bunch of tv repair places to try and get a diagnosis before I call the 1-800 number he is going to give me. This joker should have offered to take the tv back and replace it with a new one, it's not even a year old.......arghggh!

I am extremely put off by this guys hands off attitude by passing the responsibility of dealing with this on my own, when I shelled out an extra $80 for the Bay's "TOTAL GUARD" warranty.

Anyway, sorry about the rant. When I phone the 1-800 number, I would like to be able to give them an idea of what the problem might be other than phoning them up and saying my tv has a streak.

Here is a picture of what I'm talking about.

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Good Morning, mic:

This is a rare beast and that is for certain. I would be looking for a bad solder connection in the video amplifier stages for a start.

Sorry to hear about your "warranty" problems but that seems to be the norm these days when dealing with a high volume dealer. None of them service what they sell and the customer gets caught in the middle.

I agree that direct replacement is the best option. Finding this failure could take some time but should show up readily on an oscilloscope.

Let us know the final resolution on this problem. We have no problems bashing a manufacturer when they mistreat the customers.


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