old phillips 26in tv whiteline

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old phillips 26in tv whiteline

Have an old phillips tv don't know model, has press button and slide controls rh side with panel that pulls out.
Often shortly after switching on, the picture compresses to a single line across the middle of the screen, seldom occurs after set has been on for some time. The sound is not effected.
Read Hurtle's post re solution-
Whacking side of set usually fixes.
Resting for a few minutes.
But would really appreciate end fix.
As the sound and picture on this set is as good if not better imho than modern sets I prefer this to upgrading.
Thanks for any help.
rs 8)>
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Sounds like the age old problem with Phillips/Magnavox: bad solder connections on the circuit board.

Since the picture collapses (ie: Vertical Collapse) and "whacking it" helps, then look for bad solder connections around the vertical driver/vertical oscillator circuit.

With the back off the set and the set running under power, you can use a non-metallic probe (NOT A PENCIL) to poke around the circuit board and find the loose component. Use a low heat soldering iron (NOT A SOLDERING GUN) and a little 60-40 electronic solder to resolder the circuit board lands in that area.
This will usually fix the problem.

Also, if you want a service manual/schematic on the unit, we will need the model number or chassis number of the set to assist you in that arena.


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