2 problems: Hitachi and Toshiba VCR

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Alan Philp
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Question 2 problems: Hitachi and Toshiba VCR

2 problems: Hitachi and Toshiba VCR

Problem 1: Hitachi FX950E [2 years old]

After a random amount of time Iím getting a repetitive clicking sound [twice a second approximately] during playback/record with this VCR. Itís happening with all cassette tapes although it seems to happen a little faster with 4h tapes. It isnít exceptionally loud, but can be particularly annoying during quiet passages. The clicking can be removed [for a short time] by a burst of forward visual search. Rewinding the tape doesnít seem to stop the clicking although it does make a slight clunking noise as if it is taking up the extra play in the cassette tape.

Problem 2: Toshiba V711UK [1 year old]

There is an intermittent sound and picture issue with this VCR. During playback there is a variation in sound volume which is particularly noticeable during a conversation or other passage of variable sound. It is almost as if low level sound [background noise etc.] is muted and the volume isnít returned until a certain level of sound output is reached. The volume also seems quite low as a whole. I have also noticed a slight distortion in the picture which can be greatly exaggerated by lifting the front of the VCR up. It seems to be a pattern of electrical interference and I donít mean that I am bumping or knocking the VCR to exaggerate itÖ just a very gentle half inch lift at the front. I have attached an image from the web to demonstrate the effect although my problem seems to give thinner, more sporadic lines of interference and they are particularly noticeable on pause. It may be a heat issue as it is not in a particularly well ventilated cabinet and the faults donít seem as bad if the unit has just been turned on. This VCR is just out of warrantee, but I have seldom used it, so it could have had this fault from purchase

Any ideas on how to solve these problems would be greatly appreciated.

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Cool Anything

Hitachi - Could be anything, something caught in a take up real or in a gear. No easy fix for this, will just have to open it up and visually inspect it for foreign matter etc.
Toshiba - For some reason, probably due to wear, the tape path alignment has changed. The take up posts may also have broken loose which has allowed the path to change. This can be fixed but you will most likely need to have it done. Adjustments will have to be done with a test tape and an oscilloscope. Someone that knows what to look for could adjust it without test equipment but only close not exact. Could also be an OP Amp failure, broken or cold solder joint. And I could have gone all day without seeing that chicken ladies picture!!!
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Alan Philp
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Many thanks bigmike

I will open up the Hitachi and clean it out. I thought there might have been more to it because it wasnít constant and the clunking on rewind etc.

I donít think it could be down to wear on the Toshiba because it has never really been used. You mention that it could be fixedÖ were you referring to both faults? What adjustments would be necessary? I also suspected a dry solder joint because of how much the slight movement affected the picture so I will check the whole board[s] out for cracked joints and re-solder if necessary.

Thanks again

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