VCR Follies

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VCR Follies

My 3-year-old Panasonic 4-head hi-fi VCR has worn out, and given current prices for such units, I've decided to buy a new one. I've tried a JVC, Panasonic, and Toshiba, but on all of them the tuner picture looks washed out when compared to the picture I get on the TV's tuner. (I can do an a/b comparison simply by having the VCR and TV set to the same channel and switching the TV's input from TV to VCR). What gives? I still live in the stone age (using a roof antenna), and route the antenna into the VCR and then another cable goes from the VCR to the TV's antenna input. On the 1999 Panasonic, you can toggle back and forth between TV and VCR and not see a difference, but these newer units all look noticeably worse using the VCR's tuner. Could it be that tuner quality has deteriorated that much in 3 years? (I also note that the '99 Panasonic was made in Japan, whereas the newer units are made in China, Indonesia, etc.) SHould I try a Sony? It's the last one left to try. Please help.
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Good Morning, eclipse:

I am sure you will from Big Mike on this issue, too.

But, VCR's are headed out with the coming of HDTV so they are a "drug on the market" right now. Before long, you won't find them anywhere.

So, let's not tie a lot of money up in a new one. Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, check the units made by Sharp Electronics.
You can usually get a good one for under $100 and they perform very well.

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Cool JVC/Sharp

JVC or Sharp, both under $100 now. So whadda ya expect for $69 - $89? Run the VCR playback thru the A/V inputs on the back of the set. The modulators on these things have really got cheap; using the A/V jacks will greatly improve the picture. Comparing the two pictures like you are doing is not a fair test, the TV will most always look better.

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