Direct TV

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Derrick Nichol
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Direct TV

I have one satellite with two boxes hooked to it. The satellite has been working fine untill yesterday. Both TV's are giving a searching for satellite signal message. We already called direct TV to see if the things were OK on their end, and and they put us through the whole cut the box off and on thing. The problem still exist. However, every not and then we can get a few and channels to come through and then it goes out again. Direct TV said that some one would have to come and look at it. Any ideas as to what's wrong????
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One of two things is going on. You either have a tree that is blooming and it is now in the way of you receiving your signal.
If the tree is closer than 20-30 ft from the dish and is in the line of sight it will block out the signal.

If that is not the problem then odds are you have a bad LNB on the dish. (that's only if both TV's are having the same problem)

If only oone TV is having the problem change all of the F-connectors on that cable (F-connectors are the ends that screw on to the Dish and TV. There should be 4 on each line. 1 where the dish is connected. 2more where the dish is grounded and 1 more where it connects to the sat receiver.

It is possible that the dish moved a bit but exhaust all of these other efforts before messing with the alignment of the dish.
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Cool Dish?

Nomenclature in Direct TV kills me. I use and recommend Dish Network but if the sale goes thru Dish will own Direct anyway. Look under “Options” for “Dish Aiming” or such. A meter with an audible tone that shows your signal strength is what you are looking for. A signal of 60% minimum (opinion) is needed for a decent picture sound etc. aiming them is not that difficult using the built in aiming device.

Look for the signal, wiggle the cordage into the back of the receiver. As mentioned are both sets acting the same way? You can replace the entire dish probably for less than getting a new LNB. Look for a local Dish or Direct dealer and get help from him. Yellow pages should have something if you are in a fair sized town. Had any lightning lately? Dog chew thru a wire? Grab your binoculars if your dish is on the roof and see if the wires look like they have been pulled out. Got kids? Dish down low? Somebody playing hide and seek and moved the dish? Beat the child and re-align the dish Don’t mess with daddy’s TV honey

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