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Angry KP-53v25

I once posted here, but I really didn't get a reply except from Smoky. I did order the manual from Sony for my KP-53v25, because the convergence in SERVICE MODE was all screwed up and I need to get the manual to enter the default settings. Unfortunately the manual did not help at all. Before I call sony and chew there butts, I figured I can get some help from here.

I did enter the average settings in the SERVICE MODE, and I can tell you that it is way out wacked, the green, red and blue gun don't even come close to alignment. I had to manually adjust the green the way I like it, took nearly 2 hours, then red gun took 4 hours and I still can't get close, I am fed up, settings are not even close to default settings, I just wondering if anyone has a KP-53v25 and would be most kind to type the default settings, I would appericate it a lot, or just e-mail me the default seetings on your television, thanks

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Cool Repair

If the convergence is so far out of alignment that you cannot bring it back with the given consumer controls then it will require a pro to do it. I would suggest, if its under warranty, to have them come to you first and make sure that it is convergence and not a component level failure. A bad capacitor, resistor, IC Or find a company that you are going to pay and have them come to you first. I see where you tried to get an answer off of Raquest too. No help there either I take it. This sounds like a bite the bullet and especially if this is just the first time its been repaired, then get it fixed. Next time it dies I would question whether or not I would repair it. How old is the set? Rear projection sets are really only designed to live for 7 to 10 years so take that into consideration too. With HDTV right around the corner and I was going to buy new, HDTV would probably be it. LCD projectors have really come of age. Put a 102 picture on the wall that looks like a regular TV but better. You would just have to see a demo of LCD to appreciate it. But for $2K plus it better have a good picture!
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Good Evening. Voc007:

Big Mike is my hero!

More than likely there has been a failure of the convergence IC's on the unit. There is one for the red gun and one for the blue gun. This will amount to either bad solder connections on the board or actual IC failure.

The fact that you could adjust the green (the standard) tells me the convergence circuits are working. But, if Red and Blue do not follow, then the IC's are usually bad. Also, in most cases, these IC's are fused and there is a possibility of blown fuses here.


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