CD Sound Fine/Very LOW DVD Sound

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Question CD Sound Fine/Very LOW DVD Sound

Hello, I'm fairly technically inept so I'm asking for assitance in simple terms if possible. I have an Onkyo receiver (I'm not sure of exact model number but can provide if it proves needed) that is around 8+ years old. I believe it is Dolby Digital enabled. I have been using a Sony DVD player for both CD and DVD playing and have only one set of speakers hooked up to the Receiver at the Front Speaker slot. The problem I am getting is that the CD sound volume is fine, but when I run a DVD the sound is extremely low and I have to turn the volume up significantly (which can't be good for the Receiver or Speakers I'd think) to get any effect. Is there any reason for the disparity in sound and what can I try to fix it.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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Good Evening, Clueless1:

I am certain that Big Mike will enter this conversation. But this is Smokey's two cents worth:

The problem is Dolby Sound. You're running one of the old receivers that is not equipped to run Dolby 5. The world progresses and we hang on to our old units. But anomalies show up like this. We try to marry up with new formats and things change.

About the only advice I can give is "live with it". Or, upgrade your system to accept the new formats. I did. The rewards are worth the upgrade.

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Thank you for the reply Smokey, I wasn't aware there were different Dolby Formats. I pulled out the old Instruction Manual and have the Model Number now, it's an Onkyo TX-SV525/R. The Features list Dolby Pro Logic but nothing more specific. I definitely was hoping to take advantage of the DVD Surround Sound features so if the cause is the Receiver (which it sounds like based on your response and the fact the CD sound is without problem) looks like I'll be shopping soon. If you or Big Mike have any further input I would appreciate it as I'd like as much confirmation that this is the problem before I invest in a new Receiver.

Thanks for the time you spent responding!
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I was in the same situation as you. I have the DVD player's left and right audio outputs going into a regular 2 channel receiver's inputs. If you go into the settings of the DVD player you should be able to change the audio setting to 2 channel output. This will send all of the audio information to your receiver in 2 channel stereo mode. On some models this is acheived by turining off the home theater effects on the DVD audio mode.

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