65" Platinum Series Mitsubishi Problem

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Angry 65" Platinum Series Mitsubishi Problem

Hello All,
I have a 65" Platinum Series Mitsubishi HDTV that's 2 yrs old. All of a sudden, the screen went blurry on me and started getting jittery. It looks like moderate to heavy discoloration. Anyways, It came back for a while but then went back to being blurry and discolored. Any ideas? Thx in advance.
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The same crap happened on mine. Open the back of the tv. I forget where it is but it does not really matter. Go in and try and push every wire and connecter you can find. Most of the time its just something loose. I found that out the hard way and spent 100 bucks. I hate you for having a 65 inch i only have 53
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Cool STOP!!!

STOP!!! First off if you stick you hand in the back of that set without taking some precautions we are going to read about you on the Darwin Awards. There are thousands of volts in the back of the set that will absolutely put you in Mondays Obits… So this being said, and this being an HDTV, my suggestion is to call Mitsu and get an authorized tech out to look at this. $100 is cheap considering this is what? A $3000 TV? Whats a $100 repair compared to your life or the life of this set? It most likely is a bad connection or my thought is a bad solder joint. Never, ever, ever stick your hand into the back of a TV unless you know how to discharge the high voltage section of the set. Even the audio section of a TV has enough voltage to make you pee your pants! Kinda like putting the belts on your car while it’s running… Call a tech for this one guy!
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Thanks fee man and BigMike! I just wanted to get an idea b4 I called and dished out the bills. Someone told me that these HDTVs need adjusting once in a while. What kind of adjustment are they talking about? I know my computer monitor needs focusing sometimes, but my HDTV should take care of itself....I think. Anyways, anymore thoughts.

Thanks a great deal.


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