Philips 27" 27PS50B, Corner Problems

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Unhappy Philips 27" 27PS50B, Corner Problems

Ill try to be as clear as possible. When I bought my TV, I hooked it up only to find that it was "defective". The problem was, say for instance there is a line running along the bottom about a half inch up. On the Right and middle sides it would maintain that distance, but about three inches from the left side it would curve down to about a quarter inch. I tried various cables, various inputs, all the channels, a few VHS tapes, DVDs, and video games. No luck.

Thinking it was defective I took it back today and got a replacement. I hooked this one up and the exact same problem occurs in all the same places.

Since the chances of getting two defective TVs in a row are nil, what could possibly be causing this? I have had both sets sitting on my floor since i havent built my entertainment center yet, but i moved my old set to many different locations with no luck (Still on the floor though).

Is the problem that it is on the floor for some reason? Also, my father suggested something about the polarity being altered since it was moved, how would one go about resetting/fixing the polarity to make the screen look normal?

I have went though every option in the menu, went over all the inputs on the set (And there are no physical controls for anything on the case), and read every word of the manual. Can anyone help me out?
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OUberLord, Their serveral symtoms rolling around in my head on this problem but, before we get to far ahead of ourselves, try this simple test. Move that television to a different room, sit it on top of a table(not on the floor), connect a UHF/VHF antenna to it, set the television tuning band with the remote control for UHF/VHF stations, tune in a station and see how the picture looks.
You say you moved the old television around the room, are you getting the same symtoms on this television? Post back with the test results on the philips.


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