Samsung surge?

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Unhappy Samsung surge?

I have a 5 year old 1997 Samsung TV, Model #TXE 2749. A few days ago the power went out in our house for a few hours. The TV now has a 2in black bar on top and bottom. Like watching widescreen only not quite as narrow. Also PIP is not working at all. TV was not on at the time of the power outage and I do have a surge protector on the TV. Any way I could repair this myself?
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Cool Protection

Not likely, this will most certainly end up in the power supply section. Vertical collapse is indicative of high voltage failure. Weigh the cost of repair as to the cost of replace. If itís a $300 set and itís going to cost $175/195 to repair I think I would buy new. If this truly was a surge then you will probably have more trouble with it later down the road. Was the surge strip one of the 10 thru 20 dollar ones from Wal-Mart or a real one from like Trip-Lite? Surge protection is rated in the nano seconds it takes to trip stopping the surge. Lower the number the better. Get no less than a one nano second or less protector. Try to go with a good quality protector. The above mentioned Trip-Lite are excellent and offer cash back if your product is damage when properly attached to the protector. Cheap protectors have cheap varistors in them and donít shunt the spike to ground efficiently enough so equipment winds up getting a kiss from GodÖ

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