samsung txe2546

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samsung txe2546

hello i have a samsung txe2546 tv, and the problem i am having with it is that when i tunrn the volume upthe tv turns turns off an d the volume does not even go up, i can turn it down all the way and it will shut off again, and i nver used to get the pip option now all of a sudden i have that too, is there somthing i have to reset, or somthing?

my e-mail address is
somemone help me plz
thank you
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Cool Welllll...

Sounds like a processor failure. Things like the PIP that you say you have never had and now you do is odd. You could check for broken or cracked solder joints to start with. You didn't mention how old the set was. By the way, no need to PM me etc to answer a question. Here in Missouri "Round TUIT" is a religion. This is not going to be something you are going to be able to fix though. I doubt it anyway. Someone with TV experience will be around soon...
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v-tech, Samsung micro-computers have a very high fail rate. Internally they run to hot and lock-up or have logic problems. If you have tried a universal remote and the problem(s) still persist the micro-computer is at fault. Like Big Mike was saying, it would'nt hurt to check for cracked solder joints on that circuit board.


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