what can we buy in advanced?

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what can we buy in advanced?

We are planning to build in April of next year. Also, we have several large truck and shipping containers available.

Which product can we start buying early and when would be the best time? We will probably go shopping for the windows in December/January and take advantage of the 15% off early booking sale.
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lumber can be bought in bulk and stored onsite. Appliances, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, door knobs, hardware, nails, switches outlets etc... can all be stored in storage containers. If you find a discount, deal, or bargain that saves you a couple of dollars that you will not destroy while storing by all means buy it. Wire, copper, drains traps all good if on sale.

My favorite places to buy bargains:

sears outlet store for appliances (open stock, slightly damaged, missordered)
any appliance chain that is large enough and has a discount outlet somewhere.

windows: millguard, anderson, etc... all have misorders, misgrids etc.. find a large enough store or wholesale outlet and you will save hundreds.

ebay: I once saw Ikea San Diego sale in bulk (10) kitchens of cabinets. The bulk price was $1500.00 the only problem, 2 days to go down and get the stuff. New stuff all the time at bargain prices. Look at building materials in lot.

Electrical suppply houses sale wholesale some you need a license some you don't. you can buy contractor packs of outlets and switches, bulk rolls of wire (rolmex 14 ga 3 wire w/ground, 12 ga. 3 wire w/gound etc..)

Plumbing supply houses for bulk plumbing and they too have a scratched, chipped and damaged pile. if you are not the one paying a grand for a sink or toilet you would be okay with a scratch or blemish at the back of a toilet for example. All plumbing fixtures can also be bought at hardware stores when on sale.

Since you have the time now shop and buy what you can, what you can't at least you will have specs to give the contractor.

Carpet/flooring is another great area to save. Here locally we have a wholesale flooring outlet. I bought top of the line frizelle carpet and nail down hardwood for 2100 sf and paid $6500 total installed where the non wholesale price (same materials) was $15,000.00

There are very few things you cannot or should not order and hold in a container. Anything where moisture might be an issue, anything you might damage if left in the container.

I had to do all of this and more to build my house the way it is today.

I hope this advice helps.

Brian Garrison
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I would be very careful about checking into what determines when warranties start. If it starts at date of purchase and is 1 year, then you don't have a lot of warranty left when you start using the item.

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also, be very wary of OVER buying - you might buy bargains, but then not use them. that would end up costing more than buying at full price.

this is a fundamental difference between two different methods of designing. one method (the normal way) designs everything before buying. the other method buys everything and trys to design a building they go to.

I'd be VERY cautious about doing something in between - IE: don't try half designing and then buying everything. You'll end up buying more stuff than you need, spending more money & ultimately ending up with an ugly wreck.

You'd probably be best off designing first, then buying stuff you get good deals on FOR that EXACT design.

best of luck!

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