My House Plans

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My House Plans

This is a house plan my wife and I drew for our new home. We are totally new to this, and would love any input we could get, positive or negative. We looked through hundreds of stock plans, but couldn't find "the perfect plan". So i decided to try my hand a designing one. I must say, it is a lot harder than most people think. Its all been fun up to now, but i think its time to bring in some help.

What we are looking for is some feedback on the plan,and or a reference to a home designer that can take it to the next step. Its time to bring in some professional help.

Here is the link to the floor plan

here is a front view

We haven't put a lot of thought into the upstairs "bonus room". I'm actually thinking about leaving it unfinished for now. Any input would be greatly appreciated
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The designs do look good. When a homeowner does these, its great for a designer or architect to come and redefine any areas that might be a problem. It also provides more insight as to what you want.

As you found, designing is not easy. You have done only the first part and now it is an issue of how does one build this. Structural issues have to be address along with all the other facets of the project.

Not knowing where you live will determine others items of concern that one must keep in mind.

Whomever you decide to work with on this, keep in mind "It's Your Home!" Do not let others talk you into something you don't like or need.

These are just some samples of plans and projects. - sample plans - plans above - Progress Shots - Another in progress - Completed Custom Home

Hope this helps!
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I like the flow of the house. I have a suggestion:

Flop the bath with the master suite location to allow the door into the master suite to not be directly off the middle of the living room. You should either creat a small hallway or do something else. Other than that the house lives really well. If you do nothing to the upstairs and leave it unfinished you will need a door seperating the conditioned living space from the unfinished non living space.

I hope this helps.

Brian Garrison
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Thanks for the comment. I really never liked the livingroom being split in the middle by the walkways. I did it this way, so I could have a door leading from the bedroom, to the back porch. Yea its one of those new transparent decks, neat huh. This is a work in progress. If you could come up with a fix, that would be great.

Thanks for all the input........this is exactly the kind'of replies I was looking for. Keep'em commin
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Copyright your house plan


I, too, could not find a house plan I liked, so I designed my own by looking at stock plans. Because we didn't copyright our plan and because our builder neglected to have us sign a work made for hire agreement prior to commissioning an independent contractor to prepare our blueprints, the independent contractor became the author of my house plan. This allowed our builder to build our house plan in a custom house barely 1/2 a block down the street without having to ask our permission or financially compensate us in any way.

We have been in a fight to get the rights to our house plan back. I'd hate to see this happen to you. So, copyright your plan and sign a work made for hire agreement. I know how much time you invested into creating your house plan and I'm sure you'd like to say it's exclusive to your home.

Your plan looks good. If you're going to move the master bath to the back of the house, think about moving the second bath to the front of the house and eliminate the hallway. This way your living room will be a little bigger and your bathroom will have a window. Also, you could put a small hallway off the living room from which you would be able to enter both bedrooms.

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as a decorator, i would strongly suggest you play around with your furniture arrangements now, while you can still make changes. make sure that everything will fit the way you want it. oftentimes, windows & doors make furniture arranging a nightmare. make sure you've got a good place for your tv/entertainment center & your sofa. if you need to float your sofa in the room, as opposed to having it up against a wall, make sure the walkway around it is wide enough. this will also allow you to pre-plan floor outlets, if you'll want end tables with lamps next to that floated sofa! definitely rethink that master bedroom door - you don't want guests to have a straight-shot view from the family room (public area) into your bedroom (private area). even if you don't have a problem with that, your guests might not appreciate that view. make sure you can fit your bed & both nightstands on a wall & still have places for dressers or chests & a good walkway to the bath without having to circumvent the whole bed to get there, etc. if you have good furniture that you want to keep & use, this is a very important step. if you'll be buying all new stuff, then it's still worthwhile to do.

basically what i'm saying is, you can reveal lots of problems beforehand by moving & playing with little furniture pieces. for example, you may think you've got a great big family room, but when it gets right down to positioning furniture, it might not be furniture friendly.

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