Want to build new garage w/ room on top

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Want to build new garage w/ room on top

I'm about to purchase a home with a carport. I have intentions of building an 2-car garage with a large bonus room on top for a home theater. I want this to be attached to the main home as well. I've never ever built or had built an addition to a home before. I'm a complete newbie about this, so I'm looking to find out how I go about getting started with this. Permits, design, contractors... etc..

What are the steps in getting something like this done? Any idea of ball park figures for such a thing?

I'm imagining a 26 x 24 garage with stairs to the upper room,the room would be a 26x13 size, no windows. There's plenty of land space, so that's not an issue.

Tips or advice is appreciated.

Tampa, FL
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I live in rural North Carolina and construction costs run about $30 to $50 per square foot for an attached garage. The $30 price is if you do a lot/most of the work yourself so plan on being much closer to $50+ if hiring a contractor to do it all. A garage attached to your house or one that has living space (bonus room) will have to be sheet rocked for fire protection which increases the cost above that of a plain detached garage.

Finished living space can be as low as about $60 a square foot if you are a scrounging do-it-yourselfer but I would plan on about $100 a foot if using a contractor. The level of detail and quality can greatly impact the cost. Keep in mind that it is not too difficult to push costs over $200 a foot.

If you are in Tampa proper I would assume your construction costs will be a bit higher than I have here, so plan accordingly and make sure you get some good estimates/quotes before you begin to insure you have a proper budget for the project.

In your HT room I would have wiring conduits built into the walls to run your speaker wires. Put in the largest conduits you can fit and if you think there is ever a chance you may want to run wires... put in a conduit. You always seem to end up running more wires than you thought and something new will always come along.

The location of the sub (subs) in your HT room may take a bit of trial and error to find the proper spot where it does not boom or sound muddy so plan to be flexible with it's location. One electrical circuit should be enough for a basic system, but if you are going high end you may need two or three circuits to keep your sub and amp from dimming the rooms lights. A real 7 channel x 200 watt amp can pull close to 15 amps if you are crazy enough to turn up the volume.
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Pilot Dane brings up some good points but let's back up alittle.

First things first though.

Find out if you can build such an addition first. The city will advise you on what can be done and can't. This will include, setback requirements, lot coverage, height restrictions, etc.

Then once you have gotten that information, they will require plans and these must be complete to meet the Building Standards that are required by Code. Best to seek a good designer or architect for this. They can advise you on estimated costs and methods to do this within your budget, if you have an idea on what you will be spending for it.

When the plans are done, seek at least 3 bids. Do your "due diligence" and see their work, talk to past clients, get enough information that will "assure" you that you have made the right choice with who you select.

The contract with the Builder should be very complete.

Read this -




Hope this helps!
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Can I put my .02 in??

Think about adding windows to your plan. Just in case you want to turn it into a bedroom, or if the kids/grandkids/anyone falls asleep watching a movie and you have a fire, there should be an escape route besides going through the one and only door.


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