Face house toward street? Opinions needed


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Question Face house toward street? Opinions needed

I am running ideas through my head about designing my future house. I have the land and which spot I want picked out. The house will be about 300 feet or so from the road. With the walkout ranch design my wife and I want the house naturally will face 90 degrees away from the road with the gable end of the garage facing the road (I would install nice looking windows on the garage). The road has a sharp curve in it straight out from where the house will be, so the front of the house would never be in view of the road (actually the back would have more view than front). There are some mature spruce trees partially blocking the view from the road and I would plant more trees in the future.

My question is: would it be wierd to not face the house toward the road? Would having the visible gable end of a garage face toward the road be wierd or uninviting?

What do you think? I am looking for opinions and / or proven architectural knowledge on this. After all, this is my house for life and I want to make it right.
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The biggest concern with "different homes" - is resale value. If it's your home for life... do what you think works best for you.
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Just another thing to consider is the local building department. You may not get a permit if the house is not facing the street...
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I have designed large estate parcels all over and the placement of the house is based on your needs. There are no codes or rules regarding this by city or county jurisdictions. I place a house based on needs. I look at where I or the client will live inside and out. I will decide on views I want to look at and privacy I am seeking. If you have a house not facing the street I would create a driveway that allows the house to become a focal point as your guests pull up. I would creat possibly a circular drive. The idea is that once someone has come down the driveway they know where to go. That you espose the entry to them. Create and identify by design the entry to your home.

When designing a custom home you keep in mind your needs but also the masses if you ever have a want or need to sell. You can lean a home to your own your personal taste while keeping in mind resale.

I hope this helps put you at ease with your decisions.

Brian Garrison
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Issues like this don't come up that often but the issue is what have you designed as far as room layouts. I have done homes whereby the main living area is towards the rear versus the front. How the entry is laid out may have more to do with how you want it placed on lot along with placement and window layouts for bringing in the sun. Other concerns would be the walkout, where it is located, what do you desire for a view.

Gables facing the drive, not a problem and they can be appealing as long as it doesn't overwhelm the focal point of the home.

I am unsure if you have started any drawings at this point but you should not really be asking the question based upon "ideas running through your head". Unless you have something on paper that you can visualize, there can be many variables to placement and overall variations to what are you going to see.

Our opinions may not justify the overall appearance. I am assuming that you have not done any elevation views or 3D's to really look at what is appealing to you. This would be where the choice of what looks good or not, is entirely in your hands.

Best idea for now, drive around and see if there is anything that is similar to what you are thinking. See what it looks like and think of ways to improve the look.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the replies! Good info

We have driven around and found a few houses we like and even took pictures. They were all facing the road. I have a 3d view and am drawing the complete prototype plan in the Punch Pro program someone gave me. One problem I do have is the garage is the only windows that will have southern exposure, but I am restrained with a natural walkout that fits my design well. My wife doesn't want the garage in the back because car headlights from the curve in the road will flash at the house and the garage would shield bedrooms from that. I will give it some time and draw some more ideas before I commit to one design. Thanks for the opinions.

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