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new addition thoughts

Anyone have an idea of what the costs of this would be? I'm in rural Indiana so the costs might be different than say California.

Wonder if the spacing of items like is the toilet room too large? closet too small? Is the layout bad? I choose to add on to this side of the house as the utilities are on the opposite side so that would be more difficult, but think the current front view looks like a trailer and boring. New one isn't great, but offers a covered entrance.

I'm mainly looking for an estimate of costs for foundation, framing, and roofing. Basically finish the outside and then I could do the rest inside with relatives doing electrical and plumbing to code.

This is what I'm thinking it would look like when done. Basically everything in the top half would be new. 24ft * 40ft with crawl space. Current house has cement block so I would likely want to have that as the foundation.

Name:  new_addition_outsideview.jpg
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closer view of just the add on:

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Currently it looks like this, my image and layout lacks the garage which is already there so the garage wouldn't be part of the addition.

Name:  current_house_outsideview_withoutgarage.jpg
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Name:  current_house_layoutwithoutgarage.jpg
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The dimensions are too small for my tired old eyes so I will just throw out a few things. The entire job, including finishing the inside would likely cost in excess of $100,000 in my area, Seattle-Puget Sound area of Washington. Just the shell would likely be in excess of $60,000. Remember that you never have enough closet space, especially in bedrooms. Designing for "handicapped" access is never a bad idea and could bring in a good return IF the major part of the house is either accessible via wheelchair or could easily be modified for accessibility. That usually means that all hallways be a minimum of 36 inches wide and 48 inches is better. Bathrooms need to be considerably bigger than one might think and all doors with the exception of closet doors should be 36 inches wide.
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Appreciate the input. I did think about it being handicap accessible since I know some older people that bought a house and literally had to pay a lot to make it work for them. There aren't many homes in Indiana that are it seems. Right now I'm at 30 in for the doors and 37 for the hall (because the existing hall is 37). However the laundry is in the basement so it isn't likely to be completely accessible due to that, but that could technical be moved up.

I think I'll widen the master suite doors and hallway to fit a 36in door and 41 in hall. Not huge changes for that to be done, but the existing structure wouldn't be changed. I guess in that matter it could be partially accessible.

I was hoping for a shell to cost around $40,000 so hopefully my region is cheaper, but I'm always afraid of going too cheap since I do want skilled workers doing it properly. I'm going to search for local quotes, but sounds like your close to what I was expecting.
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About 25 or so yrs ago when I lived in fla the state mandated that all new construction be handicap accessible. Back then that meant that the interior doors had to be a minimum of 32" wide. I don't remember if it was required for the entire house or just one bed rm and bath.

I'm sure you already know to get multiple bids and check references
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