Dehumidifier noise and fault


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Question Dehumidifier noise and fault

I have a story about a problem with a dehumidification unit in the hotel that I work at. None of the 3 service companies that have been out several times to fix it can solve the problem If anyone needs more info from me, just ask and I will try my best to provide answers. I already have several opinions from compressor bearing to head pressure to three way mixer valve. I was just curious as to one's opinion on this matter.

It started with a whining noise about six months ago. We called the service company that was handling the warranty and they came out and thought the free-on was low. They wanted a second opinion from another company who knows more about this stuff. OK so they charged the free-on and we went on. Monitor the unit for a week and still whining. By the way, not sure of the classification of the unit but it is huge, it dehumidifies or enclosed pool area (20,000gal. pool & 1,200gal. spa) if it may give a better idea. So we call the service company again. They come out and check but end up reffering it to the company they called the first time. So the company comes out and makes a few adjustments to boost the pressure since the run from the condensor fan is about 50'. Still whining but now it's also going into fault three times a week!

So now both companies are stumped and one backs out of the picture, the other one starts doing his homework and several weeks later stills has no idea. Still whining and faulting. The company that handles the warranty comes out again and decides that the noise is coming from the head mixer valve and it needs to be replaced. At this time they recharged the gas again. So finaly the rep. for the manufacturer and his cronie come out and assure me that they are working on it (still no response after a week). We are at the four month point now and this problem still exists.

Well I get to work one morning and the unit is down again so i go to reset it and low and behold it won't even run! So enter the third service company repairman and I think to myself, this guy knows his stuff. He goes to trouble shooting and finds a terminal with space for two wires had three stuffed in it and had come loose, arcing and melting the terminal and wire insulation. So with that fixed he checks the pressure and finds that it's dead on. He works over the whole unit like a pro but the noise is still there just not as bad only it happens upon startup of the condensor and then goes away. So he thinks the bearing in the compressor is goind bad because its not getting oiled properly. So since the warranty company called this tech. he reports back to them his findings and I haven't seen him since.

Enter the second service company again and he thinks he has the solution. On this particular unit there is a built in pressure regulator. There also happens to be one on the condensor fan that is maxed out and still at a lower pressure than the one on the unit causing a condensation problem and thats where the noise is coming from. They are working against each other so he replaces the one on the condensing fan and the noise is it's not gone for a few days and now it's back but not near as bad as before.

The noise used to come on when the condensor fan started and it would happen for about 20 sec. and then die off for about 5-10 sec. and then go again. Now it's only happening in five second intervals and it's not as loud (Picture an enclosed pool room, all tile with efas walls and ceiling, so when i say not as loud it is still pretty noticable). The funny thing is that I can hear the noise coming through the condensor fan which is outside and 50 or more feet away from the dehumidifier itself. So I would think that it really is a pressure problem and the gas not being able to condense properly due to the distance of the run. Also the dehumidifier has gone into HP Fault for the last four days running.

Any ideas
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call the mfr for tech support

where is the noise coming from?

if they keep putting refrigerant into it, there must be a leak.

what is the make and model, and where are you located?
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So far the representitave from the manufacturer has already been to the site, and the guy who builds these and installs these units has been contacted several times. He is the only installer of these units and the one that pointed out the pressure regulators as a cause of the noise. As posted earlier, it helped the problem but it only changed the pattern of the original noise and made the noise softer.

The noise is coming from the bottom compartment where the compressor and gas lines run in. One guy swears up and down it's the three-way mixing valve spring making the noise. His theroy is the liquid gas still has air in it when it hits the valve and causes the spring to go haywire. This would make sense except for the fact that the system was recharged only twice because of the work done and also I'm told time of year(temperature outside) and last time it was pressure tested it was dead on. I will have it re-tested to make sure though. It was in fault again today when I got to work

I'm in MT. I'll look for the make and model tomorrow and post them.
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Here's the specs:

Manufacturer- Climate Solution Inc.
Model# IPDU-06
CFM- 3000
Compressor Horsepower- 6
Fan Horsepower- 1.5
Refridgerent- R-22
Refergerent charge- 19.7
Condensor charge- 30.3
Line charge(50ft. one way)(Rec) 9.00
Total system charge- 50.00

Also the compressor is a Copeland Scroll Model#ZR72KC-TFS-250

It was in fault again this morning. It seems to be associated with the record lows that we have been setting here. Every night that it has been cold the dehumidifier has tripped out.

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