Aprilaire 600 or 400 humidifier?


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Aprilaire 600 or 400 humidifier?

I'm about to install a new humidifier in my house and I need some advice. I plan on getting either the Aprilaire 400 or 600 and I wanted some help on which deciding which unit to go for.

The 400 uses a wicking action in its filters and wastes no water, however, the costlier filters must be replaced at least twice a year. The 600 uses cheaper filters that are only replaced once a year, but uses significantly more water, much of which goes down the drain (the drain is already present). It is also slightly cheaper than the 400.

Aprilaire says they both perform similarly, with an evaporative capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour. Is that true? How much water can I expect the 600 to use? I run my fan 24 hrs/day. Will that make a difference in total water consumption?

What it boils down to is, given the cost of filters and the frequency of changing them, and the cost of water flushed down the drain, which if these is cheaper to run?

Thanks for your help.

- Bill
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It helps to stay in the one post here Bill
Id go for the 400, I dont go for the water just running down the drain. Also if you have hard water you will change the filter in the 600 a lot more than said.

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I'm pretty comfortable with that advice. Before I go out and buy this thing, does anyone have a different opinion or other advice they'd like to share?

This is a replacement for an old drum type unit, so some of my installation work is already done.

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Unfortunately, the cost of water saved alone won't amount to much. Adjusting the valve (a real honest to goodness stop valve, not a needle valve) can do wonders for water use.

I have no personal experience with the 400 model.

If you really run your fan 24/7, I hope you have a DC drive furnace. If not, changing that out will save you far more in electricity than any water savings you are hoping for.

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