Shipping container - humidifier???

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Shipping container - humidifier???

Hey everyone,

My name is Brendon, i'm from Sydney Australia.

My plan is to buy an ex-refridgerated 20ft shipping container as it is lined with fibreglass and should remaining cooler in summer/warmer in winter. This will be used as my garage.

Now as i have no idea about humidity, dehumidiers etc...My questions are:

Would a dehumidifer be needed for a shipping container in order to keep my car in good condition?? Temperatures reach 40 degrees celcius max in summer and about 5 degrees in winter.

The house is opposite the ocean so my main concern is salt water/rust etc...would a container be too well sealed and make the car sweat?? And would a dehumidifer help?

Any thoughts appreciated


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A dehumidifier would not help you.

You would need to install windows or vents that would allow the release of built up heat.
If you have power available a large exhaust fan with a large enough opening to replace the exhausted air would do it.
You would need a larger commercial fan of around 2000 cfm on a thermostat and a hole that was a few square feet.
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The shipping container should have closed cell foam instead of fiberglass. The foam has a much better R-Value and will air seal. Will this be used as long term storage? I can't see you trying to get into your car every day in the tight space. long term I'd say yes RH could be a problem.
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Thanks for the replies,

I assume that there is foam/insulation beneath and that the fibreglass is just the internal lining. I also have the option of getting stainless steel lined version. Being ex-refridgerated means that basically the motor doesnt work or is removed so i guess i could also fit my own air-con unit.

No it is not long term storage as the car will be used most days. I bought an old house and am not sure of my plans with it yet. A container is about $3000AUD and for that i would only get a slab on cement to build a proper garage, and i dont want to have to pull it down in a year or two if my plans change.

With the container i can re-sell it when i am done with it and re-coup some of the 3k investment.

I have tried reversing the car in and its not too bad to get out of car....a small price to pay to keep the salt/weather off my car.

Are you suggesting that just a vent/fan would be needed and no humidifier at all. I was thinking about buying a small humidity/temp monitor to monitor the conditions of the container from my PC when i get it as i don't really know what the conditions will be like in the container...hehe and i couldnt find any 'shipping' forums with people that have first hand experience with there cargo in refridgerated container...

Thanks for your replies...i actually didnt scroll down far enough to see your replies...haha

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