multiple dehumidifiers

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multiple dehumidifiers

I was hoping to get some advice on buying one dehumidifier, multiple dehumidifier or a larger 'industrial' dehumidifier. I am looking to put the dehumidifier a basement that is a little over 2000 sq ft. The basement has no visible water, but has a musty smell and feels damp (it is new construction recently completed in January 07). My question is what type dehumidifier should I purchase -

1) Purchase one 75 pint Whirlpool dehumidifier --> the info I have read said this size unit supports up to 2000 - 2500 sq ft in very wet conditions. However, will the unit be straining and therefore be running constantly to keep up. In this case...

2) Should I purchase two 75 pint units --> I can keep them on opposite ends of the basement. Is this overkill though and the units will run when unnecessary (therefore jacking up my electric bill) or will constantly shut off (Because desired humidity levels are reached).

3) Should I purchase a larger unit such as a Santa Fe unit --> These seem to be rated at 110 pint / 24 hrs, and use about the same electricity as the smaller units. However, they are a lot more expensive and again, my concern is them keeping up with the entire 2000+ Sq feet.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!!
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The guys know where I stand on this one. Santa Fe is top of the line. I have sold lots of these. AVERAGE life span of a dehumidifier is less than 6 yrs. Santa Fe is 11. Santa Fe has service valves so it can be repaired easier. In my mined unless you have a small basement that stays dry you should go with the Santa Fe
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I had an old dehumidifier that went almost 20 years, can't remember the brand but it was not an expensive one. My neighbor still has one that is about that old and going gangbusters!

I replaced my old one with a Whirlpool brand unit (40 pint size) in June 2002, and it appears to be finished. It runs non-stop rather than cycling on and off, does not blow as hard as it once did even though the fan seems to be OK and the coils appear to be clean, and the sheet metal tin that the coil is attached to has completely rusted through on the right side. It still takes water out of the air though.

My old one was heavier but less bulky than this one and had a similar capacity. They seem to be lighter now, and that may be the reason that the metal rusted through (thin crap). I don't understand why they have to mount an aluminum coil on a piece of tin, rather than a piece of aluminum or stainless steel, surely the extra cost must be minimal. A/C manufacturers do the same, perhaps to ensure that they don't last so they can sell you a new unit more quickly!

In any event I would not recommend a Whirlpool brand on account of my experience with this one. Perhaps the Santa Fe is the way to go. But only 11 years for that too !!!

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