Wiring for a Honeywell HE220 Humidifler


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Wiring for a Honeywell HE220 Humidifler

I've seen several similar questions posted here, but most were about attching the humidifier to the furnace. I don't care if I attach it to the furnace (I've got a tran XE 80) but I'm happy to just plug it in. I just need to know how to do it. I'm comfortable with house wiring, but I know nothing about electronics, and I'm afraid I'll hook something up wrong and fry something as some other posters seem to have done.
For example, the manual says:
"At the humidifier, connect the black and white conductors to the two yellow humidifier wires. (The red wires from the humidifier are not used)."
I've got several issues with this:
1. There are only 2 wires coming from the humdifier and they are both blue. There are no yellow wires one anything let alone on the humidifier.
2. "The red wires from the humidifier are not used". As mentioned, there are only blue wires from the humidifier.

The wiring that came with the humidifier has a red wire and a white wire. Looking at the picture (and pictures in other posts), I'm assuming there is a red and a white wire from the transformer to the humidistat, a red and white wire from the humidistat to the air pressure switch, a red and white wire from the air pressure switch to the humidifier, (altho the installation video clearly shows only one wire to each of the 2 posts on the pressure switch), and a red and white wire from the humidifier back to the transformer to complete the circle. So bottom line, feeling pretty stupid, but can anyone tell me exactly how this is hooked up? I.E.
1. hook the red and white wire up to the 2 black wires on the Humidistat.
2. hook the other end of the red and white wires up to the air pressure switch
etc, etc.
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Using Transformer

OK, for anybody that happens to read this.
After burning out the transformer that came with the humidifer due to pathetic install instructions, I hooked up with a brother-in-law with a degree in electronics. After determining the transformer was bad, I bought a doorbell tranformer that can handle 3 different voltages, for about $14 at Lowes. I also bought the ends to attach to the input wires on the transfomer so it would attach to the circuit board on the furnace. I screwed the transformer to the inside of the furnace, then hooked the input wires to Hum-N and Hum-H wires on the furnace. (this is a Trane XE80 furnace). It doesn't matter which wire from the tranformer goes to the Hum-N or Hum-H connections. I then hooked one end the wire that came with the humidfier up to the 24 volt, 20 Amp screws on the transformer, and ran the other end to the transformer. One of the wires from the transformer (again, does not matter which one) attaches to one of the blue wires on the humidifier. Take another lenth of the wire with came with the humidifier and run it from the humidistat to the humidifier. Hook one end of the wire to the 2 wires in the humidisat. When done, each wire on the humidistat will be attached to one wire going to the humidifier. It does not matter which color wire is attached to each wire on the humidistat. At the other end of the wire from the humidistat, hook one wire (color does not matter) to the the blue wire on the humidistat that is not attache to anything. Hook the other wire from the humidisat to the wire from the transformer that is not connected to anything.
You should be all set, assuming the water is connected and turned on. Turn the humidistat all the way down. Turn up the furnace to the point the furnace comes on. Then turn up the humidistat until you hear it click. You should immediatly hear a click from the solonoid on the humidifier as it turns on (assuming you are within 10 feet of the humidifier), and after a minute or two a trickle of water should come down the overflow tube.
A couple of notes:
1. On my particular furnace, the humidifier connection only has power when the furnace is running. After the furnace shuts down and just the blower is running, the humidifier stops as well (This is why the pressure switch is not needed if you attach to the furnace). On some furnances the humidifier connection may only have power when the blower is running (I don't know if this is true, but it seems more logical to me), so you may have to insure the blower is running to test.
Hope this helps someone. As for me, this is the first and last Honeywell product I will ever buy. I've spent part of my career as a Lead System's analyst, and written several techncial documents, so I have little patience for technical writing incompetence, and the electrical connection part of the install docs is pathetic.
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installing HE220 HUM

Hi. I just brought this unit and stuck on wiring instructions. I was wondering if you got the instructions for wiring as I would greatly appreciated if you could share it with me. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forums.

Your HE220 has a basic 24vac solenoid in it. When you connect 24vac to the solenoid the water flows. In the diagram below is shown the 24vac transformer, humidistat and sail switch. The humidistat allows the unit to operate if humidity is needed. The sail switch only allows the unit to operate if the blower is running. ALL the devices are in a series loop. The loop direction and the color of the wiring is not important.

Name:  HE220_260.JPG
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There are alternate ways of wiring the power. Some furnaces have direct connections in them for a humidifier eliminating the need for a transformer or sail switch. You can always post a furnace make and model for further info or post the part number on the control board.
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