Such thing as lower watt dehumidification?


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Such thing as lower watt dehumidification?

For years i've been sketching ideas for an off grid home, and i'm trying to figure out a solution to something here... there are off grid ways to even cool a house (including as simple as just designing it earth bermed or covered or green roofs) but humidity seems to be a serious issue with anything underground, let alone here in minnesota where 100% humidity days at 90 degrees have happened plenty of times in the past, especially in the parts of the state i'm hoping to end up.

Alot of claimed dehumidifiers are just overpriced fans forcing air into say a musty basement which only happens with poor internal ventilation - that can't drop humidity below ambient. I'm looking for a way to drop humidity below ambient. Yet it seems to involve even more wattage than air conditioning! (Cooling things, then heating it back up again in some way, so you dont even get to keep the cooling effect)

I'm wondering whether anyone has seen rumors or random ideas even that cover this issue... maybe a source of real cool groundwater in some kind of a loop with air pumped past, where it could drip off heat exchanger tubes somehow (if I can provide cool groundwater instead of electrical AC somehow), or someone elsewhere had sketched out a large disc of dessicant which almost works like a heat pump, except it's a moisture pump which forcibly dries internal air and puts it outdoors. There seem to be no commercial designs available though of such a drier, and it might have to be homebuilt.

Problems with allergies and health issues for myself really recommend drier air - but i'm not able to move to the desert, i'm stuck in this state until I get through college at least and I may not be able to do it full time so i'm trying to find ways to solve what seems to be an achilles heel of my designed up off grid house. Passive heat and passive cooling I can figure out, but passive or real low watt solar-doable dehumidification i'm having difficulty with. Any ideas?
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Something like this may work: Ruby Dry Dehumidifier - Desiccant Dehumidifier - YouTube


At some points, you'll have surplus power.

You might be able to run a small window a/c or dehumidifier a couple of hours per day when it's sunny and electricity demand is low.
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I have a couple very small dehumidifiers that use Peltier instead of a traditional compressor and refrigerant. They are great for a closet or other small space and both I've bought run off 12 volt and come with a 120 volt power supply so you could go either way for power.

Here's one I found quickly but I'm sure they have others to choose from as well. Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier: Health & Personal Care

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