Goldstar Dehumidifier Compressor Won't Run

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Goldstar Dehumidifier Compressor Won't Run


I have a Goldstar DH40 40-pint portable whose compressor has stopped running.

The unit still powers up and the fan runs, but the compressor doesn't kick in.

I checked the humidistat with a voltmeter and there is variation in the ohms reading, so it appears to be functional. When I disconnect the humidistat from the board, still no compressor run (although I don't know if that simply "opens" the contact and keeps it from firing up.)

I pulled the board and checked the quality of the solder joints on the back for the relay and transformer. Both appear very sound; the whole boards looks very good.

Now I'm wondering if it's the capacitor, or the start relay itself, but I don't know how to check those.

The unit is 10 years old and cost about $200. It replaced another 40-pint Airtemp unit which cost $200 and did the same thing (compressor stopped firing up) after about 6 years of use. (That one is collecting dust under the basement stairs, thinking it's going to get fixed, too!)

Should I just accept that these things are disposable, ie., not worth the time/parts to fix? Seems so wasteful, since every other aspect of the machine seems sound, to chuck it because some $1 or $2 electrical component fails.

Advice please. Basement if getting a bit damp and wifey is ready to go shopping...
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Almost impossible to find any schematics or wiring diagrams on these units.

You should have two wires to the compressor.... do they have 120vac on them ?

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