dehumidifer for "scientific" testing


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dehumidifer for "scientific" testing

I'm looking into buying a dehumidifier for some testing I'm doing at work. This is not university level research I'm conducting so I don't need super accurate humidistats and state of the art equipment. All I'm trying to do is quantify the growth or shrinkage of bowling lane panels over time at given humidity levels.

I have a small room, about 100 sq ft, where I'll be conducting this testing. My plan is to use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the room to near saturation. The level will be maintained there for about 30 days. The measurements of the lane panels will be taken weekly. After the first 30 days, the humidifier will be turned off and the dehumidifier will be turned on. After reaching a low level (less than 10% ???) I will start the 30 day clock, again measuring the samples every week.

I'm inclined to bring in more samples than I need so that I can remove some of them at various point and conduct some physical strength tests to see if the increase/decreased moisture contents make a significant difference.

If I'm using a unit designed for 1000 sq ft in a 100 sq ft area, is it going to be really effective at removing the humidity? Is it that simple?

So the reason I'm posting is to get some advice on dehumidifiers. I only know what I've been able to read on here and on the Lowe's and Home Depot buying guides.
The room I'll be using is not sealed tight, but it's not a sieve. How much can a dehumidifier reduce the humidity when the ambient air is 80%? Can I get down into the single digits with a consumer grade dehumidifier?
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I don't think a consumer grade dehumidifier will go anywhere near single digits. For one thing, their efficiency goes to hell as the RH drops. I think you'd be lucky to get to 30%.

Also keep in mind that running a dehumidifier in a small enclosed area will raise the temp in the room, probably a lot. That's going to ***** your data unless you compensate for it some way.
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running a dehumidifier in a small enclosed area will raise the temp in the room, probably a lot.
I agree with that 100%. .......................................
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Id look here first. Therma-Stor LLC single digits? No but might be able to get it to 30% with the heat load.
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