Humidifier or Dehumidifier?


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Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

So, thank you all for ready this post. Lately, I have been going through a little problem with my bedroom. Its approximately 15 X 17, with a full bathroom that as well has a exhaust fan and a heating fan. However, the issue is that for a while, no matter the time of year, let it be summer here in CT or winter, my noise would always be clogged and some times bleed. And as I read online it could possible be due to low humidity. I am using a brand new Friedrich Chill CP08G10A. Its the closes AC for my room and that will fit in my Through-The-Wall.

Three weeks ago, I bought a humidifier to help a bit, and I feel like it has been. But last week I bough a humidity thermostat. Its pretty accurate and it shows not only my lowest humidity but my highest. I noticed that when the AC is off (which I only been using Moner Saver mode) the humidity has gone to the highest 76%. When I turn it on, it has gone to 44%. With the humidifier it constantly stays around 50% when I am also running the AC.

My question is, why does my humidity fluctuates so much? What should I do? During the winter season, my windows even get lots and I mean lots of moisture / condensation on the inside. I have 5 years old Andersen windows and even called the installer and the windows came back fine.

Any suggestions? I also have a dehumidifier in my basement because the humidity there all year around is high.
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Well sealed houses tend to have high indoor humidity due to people breathing out water vapor and taking showers and boiling water for cooking and such.
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The air conditioner, because of the way it works, acts as a dehumidifier, so when it's running it is fighting your humidifier. That may be why you are seeing big swings, although humidity tends to fluctuate quite a bit normally.

But 76% indoor humidity is very high. High humidity will cause condensation on cold windows as you have seen, but worse, it can condense inside your walls and lead to rot and mold issues.

I'm no doctor (although I played one in high school) but perhaps you can find some sort or moisturizer for your nose so you don't have to keep humidity so high.
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Need to get the RH down in that basement. Set the dehumidifier for 50% and let it run. Bath fans and kitchen fans should exhaust outside and run for at least 20 minutes after showering.
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airman... the humidity issue is in the bedroom.... not the basement. The OP needs to maintain high humidity to breath correctly but the A/C is removing the moisture from the air as fast a humidifier can add it. Catch 22. Sort of like defeating the purpose.

You won't be able to approach 76% in the winter time.
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If you were to open the windows and keep them open, even put in a fan to draw in air, would that help alleviate your breathing problems? If so then the humidifier and A/C are not helping you. You said it only seems to be in the bedroom. I think Stickshift has the correct response. That room is sealed tightly, too tightly.
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Been doing IAQ work for twenty years. I've never heard of someone having issues with the rh above 45%. Still think it's to high. Special if windows asr sweeting
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