Aprilaire 760 is not humidifying the house.


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Aprilaire 760 is not humidifying the house.

I have an Aprilaire 760. It is wired to come on any time the furnace fan comes on.

It comes on with the heat, or when I just turn the fan setting to on. Lately the humidity in the house is NOT going up to what i have it set to. Right now i have it set to 45%. The humidifier is running. Water is being send into it. I took out the water tube yesterday and noticed the plastic compression insert had melted a little, thus limiting the amount of water going in. I fixed that - and now the full blast of water is going in.

I can confirm water is going in as the drain starts to drip about 30 seconds after it comes on.

The water is coming from hot water return off the hot water heater.

Still the humidity won't go above 23%. It is 10 F outside.

I even just left the fan on and nothing.

Q: if it is working how much time should it take the humidity to rise by 1?

Q: what else can I test to see what's going on?
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So i just released I took out the blue orifice. I just ordered a new one should be here tomorrow. Will too much water flow mess up it's ability to evaporate? The orifice was in there before and it still wasn't working correctly. (maybe it had to little flow at the point)..

I don't know how much water flow affects how well it works. I'll find out tomorrow.
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The colder the outside air...... the faster your house loses humidity. The cold outside air leaking into your house is sucking up all the moisture in the air. Sealing the house tighter is one positive way to raise the humidity levels.

Too much water flow is wasteful. The pad can only needs to be saturated.

Have you replaced the pad ? It should be replaced every year even if it looks good.
The distribution tray may not be allowing the water to flow across the pad evenly.

Aprilaire offers a rebuild kit that is recommended to be replaced every five years old.
A video from Aprilaire..... Aprilaire Humidifier Model 760 Maintenance Kit

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I have a brand new pad. Last night I adjusted the water flow by opening up the water value just enough so that the water is flowing into the pad at the rate mentioned in the service manual. (2:30 to fill up 1 quart). The inside humidity was 23% last night, and today it's 25%.

How long does it take for it to come back up?

As far as I can see everything is working as it should. Water is flowing at the correct rate. Even without the orifice. I have an orifice on order so i can put that in and open the value all the way.
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