HELP WITH...Electrical relay connect to minisplit Air conditioner


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Smile HELP WITH...Electrical relay connect to minisplit Air conditioner

I have a 3 ton (36,000 BTU) Minisplit for my 800 Square foot Garage.

I'm self employed and use my garage often for work.

I'm having a hard time keeping the humidity levels around 50% in my garage

I understand the Minisplit,when running under COOL mode, will act as a dehumidifier. . When my humidifier is on and the A.C. turns on -both fight each other. And this process continues over and over..yiu can see where this is going!

I would like to set up some type of On/Off relay.

When the A.C. is triggered to come on. it Turns the humidifier off. And When the Cooling is off and only the indoor Air Handler is On the Humidifier turns on

​​​​​​any help at all would be great.
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If you are using your A/C, you should not be running a humidifier at all. It is counter productive.
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If you need to keep the humidity at a certain percentage for your work you will need something more in the lines of a liebert unit. They are designed to do this.
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On your mini-split, keep the fan speed at the highest setting -> this reduces dehumidification and shifts capacity to actual cooling.

Assuming it has a variable capacity compressor - if there's a way to lock your mini-split on high cooling and have the fan continue to run with no call for cooling, do it.

This will shorten cycles and any moisture removed during each short cycle will re-evaporate into the air.
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What allows the Liebert branded unit to dehumidify is the fact that in addition to a variable speed fan there are electric heating elements in the unit to add heat to prevent over cooling when de-humidification is needed.
This might be a bit too costly for home use.

One thing that would cause the humidity to be higher is if the AC unit were oversized.
A relay that energized another ac unit when the mini split runs would likely achieve what you want or you could operate an electric heater to keep the AC unit running longer.
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I think the OP was just passing thru. He hasn't been back in a while.
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