Ebac A850 Dehumidifier, Overheating Failure

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Ebac A850 Dehumidifier, Overheating Failure

I have a 10 year old dehumidifier made by Ebac model 850 that has seen frequent service in a damp basement setting. The unit started short cycling, but still seemed to be removing moisture and I did not think too much of it. Then I had a burning smell, the whole unit was quite warm to the touch, I took the back off and found the compressor was so hot is was on the verge of going on fire! If I sprayed a bit of water, it would instantly steam off like it was a stove burner. I am presuming the compressor failed and or the unit had leaked refridgerant. But I was shocked that some sort of safety switch didn't cut in and stop the compressor outright, not just stop the compressor and then after it cooled start it again endlessly.

Is this some sort of failure of the safety device or is this simply something that can happen to a compressor? I might expect this from a budget Chinese made item, but not Ebac, albeit the compressor was made in Brazil, by a global supplier that supplies many brands world wide I understand.

I am hesitant to buy this very pricy unit again, even though it lasted 10 years, I expected 10 to 15 and would have not expected any safety hazard. Cheap dehumidifiers seem to fail in a few years or so, but I have never seen or heard of one actually presenting a safety hazard.

Is there another brand that has high moisture removal, rated for continuous use, is quiet and removes say at least 80 pints per day, ideally made in the USA? There must be some commercial items that are used in computer rooms and such that would be expensive but serve the purpose. I am not price sensitive, but the unit must be safe!
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High end computer rooms use ductless split A/C systems so that they can cool and dehumidify and in some cases heat a bit.

I'm guessing Ebac is a Canadian unit as I have never heard of that brand.
It sounds like the fan inside the unit failed. That would allow the compressor to overheat. Most, if not all, compressors have thermal overloads built in and will shut down on high heat.

I'm not sure about finding an American built dehumidifier.
However, my unit of choice is one from Friedrich.

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