Ducting dehumidifier question


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Ducting dehumidifier question

I am considering buying a AprilAire Model 1850W (manual PDF).

It would be located in an unfinished room, with ducts going through the wall into the finished area.

There would be a high vent and a low vent. The high one would be about 1 ft from the ceiling. The low one would be about 1 ft from the floor.

Which vent (high or low) should be the input, and which should be the output? Thanks
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Good question.
The cooler damper air will stay near the floor so I'd draw from low and discharge high.
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Thanks! That's good rationale
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In addition to temperature changing the weight of air, humid air is lighter than dry air at the same temperature. If your floor is concrete I think that would dominate the temperature issue. If the floor is wood over some insulation then it may have a very similar temp as the air.

I suspect the output of the dehumidifier will be reheated after it has passed over the cold coils and I would want that at floor level. If the output is still cool air, then duct it high.

BTW, just guessing with what little I know.


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