Hunting Season oddthings

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Hunting Season oddthings

alright guys...seeing that noone else is chatting here...I want to know what strange things you have seen while out hunting...

Now I haven't seen them first hand, but I have seen a polaroid of an albino crow, I have pics on my computer of an albino moose, ,and I have seen first hand...and the only one known, an albino black bear....

My dad lays claim that he spotted an albino mule deer last year....

What about you guys?? what have you seen??
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Not the strangest in the world but I have seen a 3 legged deer. Couldn't bring myself to kill it knowing how tough it's probably been with only 3 legs.
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when i was a kid i saw an albino mountain lion, one of only three that i have ever seen. last year an albino fawn came to my feeder, got some video of it. i also saw an indigo snake on the king ranch a few years ago and thought it was an anaconda.
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since we are talking about albinos...i shot an albino teal last year...looked like the aflac duck...i actually had to do some research to make sure it wasnt a park was truley an albino teal..pretty cool!
i also shot a one legged mallard, i would have loved to see him swim!
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He was prolly swimming in a circle SB, Is that how you got him so easily?? lol

I believe that in British Columbia, all albino animals are protected.
Now whether the pics of the moose I have, is a true albino, or just has a white hide, I am not sure...

I once shot a nontypical muley, 5 on one side, 12 on the other....on the side of the non-typical his eye was also glazed over and obviously blind in that eye...possibly a fight from years prior...hard to say...
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I've seen a couple wood duck/mallard crossbreeds, and I saw a very light colored or maybe albino mallard mounted on a wall. I've seen several pieball deer, pics of does with antlers, a white and tan pheasant, and it seems like I saw a duck...I think a ringneck...with no lower bill. Wonder how it lived like that? Oh yeah...a buck with a blue eye too. I used to work at a taxidermy, and this is where I got to see so much strange stuff. I'm sure there's stuff I have forgotten about by now. Of course, I got to see my share of boone and crockett class deer. Also saw a deer with one antler tine pressing down on his head. Lots of african stuff too. Also a large male lion with almost no mane. That shop I worked at mounted the Florida state record speckled perch. (unless someone has caught a bigger one since then).

I climbed a deer stand one year and got scared silly as I was getting in. Flying squirrels darted out all over the place. This is an adrenaline rush when you are clinging to a ladder 30 feet up in the air. These stands are permanent and I guess sometime during the summer these squirrels made this stand their home.
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I saw an albino Bob Cat two years in a row on the ranch we hunt.

It was to cool looking to shoot. I haven't seen it again and I have not heard of any one killing it.

I also saw a huge Barn Owl up close and personal when it flew in the window of an old deer blind I was hunting. I am not real sure who was more suprised me or the Owl.
Need less to say I had to move from that spot we both made enough noise to scare off every deer for at least a mile.
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I saw a pair of box turtles "riding piggy-back", but neither one was an albino.

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