bear repel.


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bear repel.

In the past few years in my area there have been increasing numbers of black bear sightings and contacts. When fishing or hiking I would feel better with some sort of protection. Pepper spray seems like a good idea but is it effective? Would I be better off carrying a hand gun? If so what would be a good choice for this.


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bear repel

I live in Alaska and do a lot of gold mining, so I spend a lot of time in bear country and yes I have had to fight for my life a couple times. From my observations the "high quality " bear sprays do work and they work well ---- MOST of the time. The problem is if/when they don't work your gonna get bad hurt and probably killed.

The best choice in firearms, speaking of defense only, is (without question ) a 12 guage shotgun loaded with 00 -- 000 buckshot and slugs. My personal loading is slug, 00,00, slug, slug, slug, slug, slug, slug. I carry a 9 shot short barreled shotgun, because a grizzly is very tough to stop.

Black bear, the above shotgun or any rifle used to hunt big game will work, 308, 30-06, 7 mm mag and on up. In pistols, I would suggest, 1st -- that ability to shoot well with a handgun is critical. After that, it would be wise to remember that a 44 mag pistol is about as powerful as a 30-30 rifle so only a few large caliber handguns are anywhere near adaquate for protection. Bottom of list and working up
41 mag, 44 mag, 454 causel (spelling ?) pistols chambered for 45-70 and the new 50 caliber rounds. Please keep in mind, The last 2-3 weapons are massive and kick "hard" it requires experiance to handle them with accuracy.

Bear spray or any caliber weapon is better then a stick or rock, given that, any choice is better then no choice. If your danger potential and concern is strong, I urge that you do not take lightly the opinion of the people that routinely deal with bears, choose the shotgun.

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bear spray

If you choose to carry bear spray, remember that it does have a shelf life. Write the date you bought it on the can, and check the manufacturer's recommendations for a 'best before' date. Don't depend on a 6-year old can of spray!

Check out the recommended safety procedures for people working in bear country. Remember you can often frighten a bear away - they are usually more afraid of you than you are of them- but if you get between a mom and her cubs, or stumble upon a bear guarding a kill, things can get interesting. Here's a link for more info:
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When I hunt in eastern Ohio I carry one called Gaurd Alaska bear repellant. They claim it's registered with the EPA as a repellant for all bears. I guess I should check that date though, I've had it a few years now. I paid around 40 bucks for it.

Like said with a hand gun you may shoot it several times and without a fatal shot he will just get mad.

I thought they were selling a repellent with not only the pepper spray but also a loud horn that is supposed to scare them.
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As Rrainea said, usually bear are more afraid of you than you are of them. But this natural avoidance can fail in a face-to-face encounter because bear, unlike snakes and skunks, have heavyweight Egos. Pre-empt that by giving bear a chance to exit with dignity, before they stumble into you or you into them. Fishing or hiking: banter, sing, yodel, don't be shy. Bear bells may be better than total stealth. A radio probably freaks them out too. Hunting, be prepared to defend yourself.

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