Rat keeps visiting my back porch..


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Rat keeps visiting my back porch..

We recently moved into a townhouse developement near the forested woods, and found i nthe first few weeks that by leaving the dog dish on the back porch that during the night a rat (s) would visit and leaving small rabbit size turds. So of course we don't leave any food outside any more, but the rat continues to visit , leaves a few turds for us, and then leaves. This has been going on now for a number of weeks.

What should we buy to get rid of this rat? I don't want to leave poison out there. Nor do I want to use a traps that would kill it out right, as I would have to clean up the mess.
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Trapping is the most effective way to eliminate the rat. If you have pets, then poison would not be a good option, unless you put it out at night when pets are inside. The rat would eat the bait and go somewhere and die.

Leaving pet food outdoors is not a good idea. It will attract opossums, racoons, skunks, and other animals. It is best not to remove the food until the animal has been trapped, relocated or destroyed. Rodents are creatures of habbit. Removing the food will make the rat think he has to go find where you have stored it. He more than likely will be looking for ways to get inside your home. Most pet owners have problems with rodents because of the pet food left outdoors. Bird feeders are another attraction to rodents. Once they find a food source, they are relentless in their habit of looking for food in that location.
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pet proof poison

I found rat bait stations that look like landscape rocks and are only opened with a key. the bait cannot get out of the rock. Rat goes in and eats, goes home and dies. The rocks are a great effort to blend in.

The only problem I have found is that the rats must think it is a rock too. They haven't tried any bait!

I got it online from a place called Cooper Seed. Expensive rock.
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What's worse? Having a rat visit nightly - or disposing of a dead rat/trap? Get rid of that disease harboring critter once and for all... and having a dead body ensures you got that darned thing.

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