squirrels eating my battens (board an batten siding)

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squirrels eating my battens (board an batten siding)

Just wondering what the best way to scare off or control squirrels that like to eat or chew on my batten siding on my house and shed.

At this point the problem is not too bad but I really want to control this before it starts to look bad and becomes a more serious problem...

Thanks for your help.

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Dead squirrels have little appetite.
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Use of rodentcides to kill squirrels is a risk to desirable wildlife, pets, and children. If living within a residential area, there are ordinances against discharging firearms. Squirrels can be trapped and relocated, but some areas have restrictions regarding relocation because of trauma to squirrels. Check with local authorities. A good trapping program can bring squirrel population under control. If area is overpopulated, trapping will tend to be ineffective. Thus, exclusion is the best control to keep squirrels out of the home.

Squirrel proof your home. Cut back trees branches 10 or more feet or remove trees close to the structure. Squirrels can travel electrical wires and cables to gain access to the roof. Slit a 2' piece of PVC and place over wires and cables so that when squirrel walks on PVC it turns and squirrel loses footing. Seal all openings around where pipes and wires enter the home. Screen all vents, chimney, and possible entries with mesh screen or hardware cloth. This is done on the inside of eave vents. Replace any decayed wood on structure and seal in gaps in soffit, fascia, and elsewhere and keep home in good repair. Eliminate food sources in the landscape. Do not leave out pet food dishes. Eliminate or move bird feeders away from the home to the rear of the landscape. Place PVC over ropes and wires holding feeders to outsmart squirrels. Plastic baffles can also be used on wires. Keep acorns and nuts raked up and removed from lawn. 18" metal cylinders placed around tree trunks at about 4 feet tend to keep squirrels out of trees.

There are squirrel repellent sprays available that may be effective in the areas where squirrels tend to gnaw. Temporarily tacking mesh screen over areas where squirrels are gnawing may also distract and repel them.

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