Deer eating pine trees

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Deer eating pine trees

I did a search and found a few things to try which would discourage deer from eating plants. Every year I plant about 100 pine trees of various types and the deer eat half of them. I'm getting tired of planting deer candy. What are some ideas for keeping them off my trees. Looking for something that will not hurt the pines. I've been told by several people that the sprays they sell are worthless. I'm running out of bullets.


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Wink deer

You have got to become a better shot...have you ever considered a scope?
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Deer are protected by state game regulations. Shooting is not recommended unless you know the state regulations and local ordinances re: discharging a firearm. There are a variety of fencing options for excluding deer from the landscape. Motion detector sprinkler systems have been found to be effective for controlling wildlife in the landscape. Dogs contained by invisible fencing can keep deer at bay. Locating food and water dishes at different locations in the area keeps dogs on the move. Large dogs that continually patrol the area tend to work best. Deer often wise up to dogs and other scare tactics and continue to be a nuisance. They also get wise to repellents. If repellents are used, switching repellents tends to work best, alternating between those that taste bad and those that smell bad. Repellents made from rotten eggs are placed near plants where the odor repels the deer. Repellents made from hot pepper spray work best on ornamentals as they leave a taste on garden crops. Repellents should be reapplied about every 30 days. When deer are hungry, they will ignore odor and taste. A combination of planting deer resistant plant varieties, fencing, and repellents can be effective for controlling deer damage to the landscape.
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After you have filled your freezer try an electric fence a $60 unit will electrify about 1 mile of wire.
Wire and insulatorswilll be a little more

We installed one at my mother's place to stop predators from eating her birds.

We had to get creative and built an electric cage out of chicken wire. I was lucky enough to see it in action against a bobcat, very sweet.

Now we are installing a two unit system that will consist of four to five wires four feet high encircling about three acres
Deer would not require that kind of coverage

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