Pidgeons on Balcony of apartment above mine

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Pidgeons on Balcony of apartment above mine

Okay so I've searched the internet and haven't been able to find a problem similar to mine and was wondering if anybody could offer me any insight.

So I live on a first floor apartment and have a small patio area in front of my door. I would really like to make it look less plain and put some stuff out there like a table and chairs.

Now my upstairs neighbor has a balcony that extends directly over my patio. His balcony's floor is wood slats, so there are tiny spaces between his floor where debris can fall through.

The problem is there are pigeons that like to hang out around my complex and especially like to hang out on the balcony above me. My neighbor doesn't do anything to entice the birds to hang out on his balcony, they just like that spot. I get a lot of pigeon droppings on the railing around my patio from them being up there but a majority of the pigeon waste I get is from my neighbor sweeping his balcony and then it all falls through the cracks onto my patio.
I have no complaint with the neighbor. You can't blame the guy for sweeping the droppings from his balcony. I sweep them off my patio too. But I can't put anything out there because it would just be constantly covered in pigeon droppings from above.

I've researched several deterrent methods on the internet, but many of them wouldn't work for me because I don't need to deter them from my patio but the balcony above me. I've been considering buying one of the sonic pigeon deterrent devices but I have two dogs and I wouldn't want it to bother them. And besides that I have very sensitive hearing and I've had friends who have those sonic pigeon deterrents and I can hear them and they give me headaches.

I would really prefer some way to take care of this myself if possible because I'm afraid that if I were to speak to the apartment complex about it, the first thing they would do is put up one of those sonic bird repellents and then I would have to complain about that.

Also, just for the sake of detail, I live in north Texas.

Sorry about this long post, but I tried to be as detailed as possible in hopes of finding an effective solution.
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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If there were a way to mount a fake owl somewhere in sight of the upper deck, that would be a deterrent.
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Iíve heard that pigeons can get used to a stationary owl after a while so if you could incorporate movement into it you may get even better effect.
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I've always heard those fake owls work best if you move there location daily - like from one side of the porch to the other.

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