pest control with electricity


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pest control with electricity

There's a pretty bad problem with armadillos where I live in Florida and we usually trapped them and let them go far away. In some cases we were able to point blank them humanely as well. Now we're using electricity (traps) to deter them from digging in some spots. Is it possible to use wall outlet electricity to zap em and kill them instantly once trapped in a metal cage or no? We aren't thinking of doing this but I'm just wondering if that's even possible humanely such as using an electric mouse trap that's sold in stores.
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There is no such thing as a humane way to kill. I would contact the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - Contact the FWC
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I imagine itís possible to use electricity but this sounds full of danger as electricity doesnít always obey the rules that are in the books. At least thatís my take on it as I readily accept that my electrical theory is very weak. I know enough to hurt myself and everyone around me....

I understand firearms, velocity, foot pounds much better.
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Once you have them in a cage it seems the next best step would be to release them somewhere. As suggested, contacting the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission for advice (other than electrocuting them) would be best. If releasing them they would know where and might even help.

As a Note, using a wall outlet for such activity would be very dangerous.

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I would imagine these electric traps you're talking about, may be to give them a mild shock, much like an electric fence. I can't imagine a device that electrocutes them. That sounds like animal abuse and I'm sure PETA would be on it. I would hope there's no such thing available.
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Right, anyway it was just a thought

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