Mouse Problem

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Mouse Problem

As noted in another thread, my wife and I found a dead mouse behind a light switch in a bathroom. After we noticed this, we got to searching and found traces of mice in an area next to the bathroom (garage and laundry room). We set out 8 different traps last night in different areas and had one caught in a trap.

We then did further inspection and found a stash spot of food in a bag within the laundry room. We also found a chew spot in the drywall right next to an outlet behind the refrigerator, bout the size of a quarter. We inspected the kitchen and did find traces of mice. We checked all of our food and did not see any entry or even attempted entry but we did find chew marks on the dog bones.

I'm under the impression that simply setting out the traps isn't enough. I know one of the things I need to do is search outside my house for entry ways but can't mice enter holes as small as the opening of a top of a ball point pen? So I guess I'll let you know what we have done and then ask what I need to focus on.

1. Set out traps in certain areas. Simple bait (kill) traps.

2. Set out refillable poison traps on the outside of our house.

3. We have sealed up pet food/treats.

4. Cleaned up any areas that may have been deemed attractive to vermin.

5. Setup the 5 gallon bucket trap in our garage as well.

Those are the simple steps we have taken but as I stated I know they're probably not enough. As far as sealing found areas, what do you typically use to seal those places, for example, the chew hole we found?

Do those plug in devices that are suppose to repel actually work? If not, is there effective repellent?

We have 2 cats. We did not get them specifically for mice but they do kill such animals. Are these of any use?

What else can I do to get rid of these pests and avoid them in the future? What am I not thinking of? Any help is appreciated.
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You’ve done well. As you continue monitoring/trapping/baiting you will learn even more.

Remind yourself to keep the rodent bait fresh. In humid weather it will need to be replaced more often than when cold and dry. Sometimes ants will eat the bait. If that happens you can bait in and around the station with ant bait. The gel baits are good.

The repellers and junk and a hoax.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
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Having a dog and cats can be an issue with poisons, even outside the house. I would not use poisons with pets, IMO.

When you find a mouse in an electrical box and a hole through the drywall you know they have access to the inside of those wall cavities. That access is most likely through the same hole drilled for the electrical wires. If you have access from a basement where you can inspect all penetrations, that is a good place to do a lot of sealing. One of your problems with a basement is they can enter on one side and travel around the foundation to find a hole into your living space, or make a hole as you have found.

Setting traps should be an ongoing preventative measure, even when the sealing seems to have been successful. Several years of having traps with no action would give you a good indication you have been successful.


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