Bats in the house


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Bats in the house

In the 29 years we've been in our house, I've probably had 6-8 bats get in. I've found dead ones in the heat vents and on the cold air return side in the furnace. We've had live ones in our 2nd floor bedroom and just last week, in the basement.

I have no idea how they are getting in. I've been over the exterior carefully and can find no openings. The only thing I can think of is the chimney which exhausts the gas water heater. The openings in the chimney cap are small enough to keep out birds and squirrels but probably large enough to let a bat in. Of course, then the bat would have to make its way down the chimney and out through the exhaust hood on top of the water heater. Seems like a perilous journey and I know the sheet metal gets quite warm when the burner is on. This theory doesn't explain how they get into the heating system.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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Doesnít the furnace as well as the gas water heater have a vent going into a chimney? Iím not sure that Iím picturing this accurately. Bat entries can be very frustrating to find. Ironically itís oftentimes easier to find and solve a large bat problem as opposed to a small problem.

Is there any kind of attic above the living areas or garage?
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The furnace is vented with 4" plastic pipe and the outside opening has a very small mesh so I don't think that's it. The house is multi-level so there are two attics. I have been in both many times and have never seen a bat. A couple years ago I put a screen around the opening of the attic exhaust fan, which prior to that, might have been an entry point. There is no opening in the roof or soffitt vents large enough for anything to get through which is why I am stumped as to the entry point.
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If you think it might be the chimney flue take some hardware cloth and screen it off. That would prevent bats from entering - if that is how they come in.

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