Hornets nest we must destroy

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Exclamation Hornets nest we must destroy

Since we have a nice nest right outside my neighbor's kitchen door at shoulder level. So it's not a matter of whether we should but more of how we must get rid of the nest the size of a soccer ball and they are in the wasp family! I have read that they are better to keep than destroy for your garden and the enviroment etc. but I must figure out the best way to destroy this wasp nest? in the meantime Any further advice would be welcomed thanks
Here is something for reading:
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I did spray it with wasp spray But I dont think it worked??
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Bees are good for the garden, wasps not so much.

If you used wasp spray that comes in a spray can, and it didn't kill them, you did something wrong. That stuff kills them on contact.

Be sure to spray them at dusk/night when they have all returned to the nest. Spray the can directly into the hole of the nest. They will die.
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Gotta agree with Tolyn. I have had wasp nests (never any that big) that I shot with the spray and it killed them instantly. You do need to use the stuff that shoots a stream rather than a spray and shoot it right into the entrance of the nest. You can do this from a relatively safe distance and definitely do it at night.
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OK may be I will try and be more explicit. I acted fast and sprayed twice during the midday, since after the first spray I noticed some coming back to the nest and landing on the outside. I also noticed there was several entrance holes. I walked around to try and cover the multiple entrances. It felt as if it may have killed the ones that were there at the time. I realize the mistake after you mentioned that I should of done it at night so I will try to notice activity tomorrow, and respray at night. if needed.
thanks so much for the information!
And Help!
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The hornets that are returning were out to begin with. That is why you spray at night when they are all gathered on the nest. They are more dormant and won't fly as much. You need to soak the nest covering and try to get the spray in the hole. Remember the hornet's nest looks just like a wasp's nest, only it is covered with the paper mache type stuff, so getting the spray inside is very important.
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I usually have at least two larger nests each season to take care of and have found that the foaming type spray works well.

After dark you carefully insert straw type tip inside opening and spray until foam pours out of hole.
This blocks hole preventing escape and causes fumes to fill entire nest.
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Sounds like a hornet nest rather than a wasp nest. Hornets enclose their nest in grayish paper while wasps leave their nest exposed but usually under an overhang for protection. The interior of hornet nest looks like a wasp nest but it is covered with paper that they made.

All the above advice is good, especially as to treating at dusk/dark when they will all be in there.

Find the opening at or near the bottom. Usually itís on the side, just up from the bottom. Put the nozzle in there and spray heavy. Also, if you can recognize the vent openings, which look like little slits around the exterior, spray some into them as well.

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